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At Delaware Consulting we believe in long term commitment, not only with our customers but also with our employees. Building something together has a lot of advantages, but it also means we have to create opportunists that match with the ambition and skills of each one of our colleagues. In order to do so we use a detailed "Expectation Framework" within our organization. This creates the playing field in which personal growth can be achieved.

Step by step and competence by competence it is indicated what we expect and to what it all leads. However, even though there is clear framework. It's not always easy to give direction to your own career. That's why you can always count on a personal counselor when contemplating personal development and career planning. Counselors have extensive professional experience and that's why they are well places to advise you. They can function as a soundboard to check your plans and ambitions and together there can be agreed upon the development points that need extra attention.

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