SuccessFactors release notes made simple

Oct 04, 2017
Since SAP acquired SuccessFactors at the end of 2011, it hasn’t stopped evolving and innovating. Today, SuccessFactors offers its users leading functionality in nearly all areas of HR. Key to the solution’s growing success over recent years has definitely been the sum of its very broad range of features and functionalities and its ease of use for customers.

An updated release cycle

As a SaaS product SuccessFactors is updated by SAP four times per year, which can be both exciting and challenging for users. As of this year, SAP has decided to make some adjustments to its release cycle, reducing the complexity created by these new releases. The quarterly releases will continue, but the Q1 and Q4 releases are more limited in scope, excluding major architectural improvements and focusing on features that complement existing functionality. In other words, the Q1 and Q4 releases offer mainly opt-in features.

The reason behind this new scheduling is both logical and straightforward: SAP is responding to the voice of the customer by not imposing new standard functionalities on HR departments in the busiest months of the year. 

Quarterly newsletter on new release

This new scheduling means that, today, we are approaching one of the two major releases of 2017. And, as always, such a release comes with an extensive news feed published through a broad variety of channels. To guide our customers through this maze of information, we’ve decided to publish a quarterly newsletter to ensure that they are informed in a timely manner, benefit optimally from each release and maximize the performance of their HR platform.


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