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To keep the US running, it is essential that critical industries and supply chains are able to adapt to the challenges created by COVID 19. As industries begin the process of returning to work, there will be fundamental changes needed to the way we work. Businesses must not only look to support their people in the transition back to some semblance of normality, but also to position themselves to be able to thrive as the economy restarts.

It is a challenging time for everyone at the moment, and we are doing our best to think of innovative ways to help our clients to come out of this crisis even stronger. The links below represent help that we know we can provide. If any of them resonate with you, please let us know.

We will be updating the page regularly with the latest insights from clients that we are working with across a number of sectors and business areas.

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Emergency supply chain support

How can I rapidly scale and meet new demand? 

Many businesses are finding that their existing business systems cannot be adapted rapidly to support new processes and products, or what worked before for smaller product volumes can no longer cope as demand soars. Working with an organization which has faced many of these challenges, we have repurposed our FAST Engineer, SAP certified pre-configured solution to enable a Pop-Up Emergency Supply Chain solution built on SAP’s S/4HANA cloud solution that can be delivered in as little as 20 days.

The Emergency Supply Chain Solution delivers an operational supply chain built on an SAP S/4HANA cloud instance, enabling organizations to quickly realign processes and fulfil orders. The solution is suitable for small to midsize organisations, those who are operating ‘off-system’, on spreadsheets or using smaller systems that cannot scale, but who require tighter controls to maximize output and efficiency.

We are running a series of webinars offering guidance and support for supply chain management. Watch the most recent session here.

eBook: Supply Chain Planning in the Age of COVID-19: A leader’s guide

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Infrastructure and support services

How do I manage risk and ensure critical applications are maintained?

If your AMS provider is struggling to meet SLAs, we have an emergency ticket resolution service to help you manage business critical SAP applications. During this critical time, if your provider is unable to meet the response time that you require to keep your organization running, our Critical Issue Resolution Group will pick up any ticket that you assign to us. We are offering organizations running complex supply chains a backstop in case their incumbent AMS provider cannot resolve system issues fast enough.

  • Guaranteed 30-minute response time on all assigned tickets
  • 24/7 global support
  • Multi-lingual capability (including English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese)
  • Zero cost system connectivity set-up
  • One global rate for issue resolution

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Demand planning optimization

Which tools are effective for demand planning when there is uncertainty?

If your organization is forced to change the way you plan, make or sell, it is likely that your S&OP processes need restructuring. If your demand is through the roof, you will almost certainly need to re-think how you forecast. We offer an S&OP Quick Scan service, where we assess the current state of your S&OP processes and identify specific opportunities to improve your planning accuracy and effectiveness. With the option of Demand Forecasting on Azure, we can improve how you tackle your sales and operations process by using AI to further refine forecast accuracy.

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Protecting my workforce

How can I ensure the safety and well-being of my employees?  

COVID-19 has positioned employee health and well-being at the top of the agenda. Protecting your workforce is mission critical, and organizations have a responsibility to ensure workforce protection measures are put in place. Within delaware, we have rolled out a COVID-19 desk booking app to manage and control access to our offices worldwide, and we are now offering this to our customers. In addition, we are always ready to co-innovate and for us, this is a well-trodden path. We have the technology to track employees by location and, very relevant to today’s world, by health status e.g. body temperature. We would welcome any opportunity to work with you on applying these solutions to real-world problems in your business.

Our solutions and tools can help you quickly and confidently understand the state of your organization’s well-being, and make the return to work a positive and safe transition.

Learn how we are using cutting-edge technology to ensure safety in the workplace:

Case study: Automating safety with deep learning

Case study: Machine learning detection protects lone workers

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Massively reduce hosting costs and improve cyber security with a move to Azure

How can I reduce infrastructure costs and mitigate cyber security risk? 

Every single new implementation that we do is hosted on Azure. Why? Azure hosting costs are significantly lower than internal or outsourced data center costs and the costs are elastic, i.e. you pay for what you use. Shutting down non-production systems when not required could result in significant savings, and critically, Microsoft’s cyber security team are invest more than any other organization. In the last three months we have worked with multiple clients who have realized that they can no longer risk the threat of a security breach or where their current data centers are just too expensive. In one case, a client who had been running internal data centers at the back of their manufacturing plants came to us after they suffered a ransomware attack. They simply didn’t have the resources to protect themselves. We are currently implementing a rapid Azure migration for them.

Our quick security assessment tool can rapidly quickly establish your system security compliance and highlight where improvements can be made.

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Process Streamlining

How can I improve key processes? 

Process Mining shows you exactly what is being transacted, by who, how frequently, when, and what the value is – it is impossible to disagree with the findings as the results are based on actual transactions in SAP. While this level of insight might be disconcerting, many organizations are using the information to eliminate process variants through process redesign or the use of RPAs. We work with all of the leading process mining providers and have significant experience in the identification and elimination of non-value added process variants. We offer a quick diagnosis to identify the scale of the problem, and then more detailed analysis as to which process variants can be eliminated with the associated cost reductions.

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RPA enabled process optimization

How can I use automation to improve critical processes? 

The current reality is that there will be fewer employees running core system processes, even though many of these processes will still be required. We have a library of RPA bots that can be used to automate manual processes, allowing employees to focus their efforts on value-add tasks.

The technology is proven and the reduction in manual effort can bring significant savings. We offer a fixed fee assessment of where these automation technologies can deliver value.

Case study: Efficiency gains in administrative processes

How RPA can facilitate onboarding and strengthen company values

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Discover how we are supporting a UK manufacturer to diversify its operation to meet new demand

Driven by the accelerating demand for this critical protective equipment, Quickchange has rapidly shifted production processes away from its core cash management and retail products and quickly realign them to fulfil the sudden influx of customer orders. Delaware’s supply chain support has been vital in enabling Quickchange to supply this key equipment fast, and make it more rapidly available to protect key staff working in frontline roles from virus transmission.

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