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Are you looking for a (first) professional challenge within IT? Are things like networks, servers, the cloud, DevOps, virtualization or ERP your sweet spot? Have you considered a job in consultancy? In that case, you’re at the right address!

delaware is one of the few companies that encourages its people to walk with their head in the clouds. Sounds exciting, right? If you’ve read about working as a junior technical consultant, you know that our consultants are involved in the entire project cycle. Long before actual implementation projects can start, however, solid foundations need to be in place. If that sounds like something you’d like to do, a career as a Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer might be just what you’re looking for.

As a cloud & infrastructure consultant at delaware, your main focus will obviously be on the technical part, but you’ll do more than just that. You’ll work in close collaboration with the customer to understand their business needs and lead them towards new technological heights.

A day in the life of a Cloud & Infrastructure Engineer

Curious about what your career will look like as a Cloud Infrastructure Engineer?  At delaware, we think the only way forward is to embrace the cloud. If you don’t believe us, ask Maxim.

Meet Maxim

Maxim Eeckhout started his career at delaware last year. He is part of the Core Technology Services.

Maxim’s projects

“In our team, we always deal with a mix of (often shorter) projects. Occasionally, we also manage larger assignments, such as a project that lasted 40 days.” But the projects usually take a maximum of 15 days, which means a lot of variation“I love change, so consultancy is absolutely my cup of tea!”

“We work in close collaboration with the customer’s IT department and, together, we look at how we can come up with an efficient solution. My job is mainly to work it out and set up the systems. We start with development and then switch to the production environment.” One of the projects Maxim is working on is the VPN migration project within delaware. In this project all VPN tunnels between delaware and our clients had to be migrated onto a new platform within Azure. “delaware has already built up solid expertise in this area, so I’m very happy to be a part of this story and eager to learn more about this technology,” Maxim proudly adds.

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    A typical day  

    Besides working on projects, handling tickets is also part of Maxim’s job. He opens his mailbox and deals with a couple of tickets. “This brings you into contact with different types of problems for which you need to find a suitable solution. In terms of knowledge sharing, we check smaller issues with one or two colleagues in the team, and in the case of large projects we schedule team meetings.”

    Maxim’s team 

    A lot of Maxim’s colleagues are based in the Kortrijk office, although we have team members all across Belgium to ensure client intimacy and proximity. They have built up a close relationship and there is a good mix of junior and senior consultants. “A good balance is key, because good guidance takes a lot of time!” Maxim points out. “Furthermore, on-the-job coaching is also required. Learning doesn’t end after a few months...

    Training, learning and coaching

    Every junior consultant kicks off his or her delaware adventure with the Analyst Boot Camp. During these  first few weeks, you’ll be taking a deep dive into the different technologies. So did Maxim. “SAP & Microsoft is something completely new for almost everyone, so proper training is essential,” Maxim explains. “I started my first project after a month – not for customers immediately, but fur an internal project of delaware. I was immediately assigned a buddy (mainly to guide you in general company-related matters), but actually you can just contact anyone if you have any questions.” In every project, you’ll have a senior colleague alongside you giving you all the help you’ll need.

    Tips & tricks

    To conclude, Maxim wanted to share some insights he has gained during his first year at delaware: 

    • Be open to new things: at first, I had never heard about SAP and what these kinds of technologies can offer. It’s a challenge to learn something new, so go for it!
    • Just do it: no, I’m not a huge fan of Nike, but I do agree that the learning curve is in the ‘doing’ part! Without realizing it, you’ll learn a lot in one year.

    Did Maxim’s story appeal to you?

    Visit our website to discover more teams who are looking for cloud infrastructure engineers, like the ones below!

    • https://www.delaware.pro/en-BE/Solutions/Infrastructure-as-a-service
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    • https://www.delaware.pro/en-BE/Solutions/Microsoft-Azure

    So how about it? Can you see yourself working as a technical consultant in the cloud and infrastructure domain? Then why wait? Apply today!


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