SAP Archiving

Based on ECM SAP Archiving and Document Management RDS Rapid Deployment Integration Solution.

SAP Archiving and Document Management–Content Management Solution

As a global partner of both ECM and SAP, delaware has extensive experience in the field of data and document management. We offer rapid deployment solutions that focus on helping businesses use ECM data archiving and document management capabilities to reach their goals within the shortest time-frame. This allows companies to achieve preliminary success within a few weeks at which point more functions can be customized to suit the specific needs of each organization. Put simply, we provide everything you need to meet your data and document management demands.

SAP data archiving and document management solution is based on ECM platform and uses the SAP archiving module as well as the versatile and flexible component-enhancing package-DOCULINK for document management. Its capabilities are much more powerful than the standard document browsing found in SAP environments, and its document management solution includes process-oriented view and document management functions.

Paint Point and Value Proposition

Does your business have the following issues?

  • Large amounts of data, slow system response, long business processing times.
  • SAP standard transaction codes and self-development reports have no access to archived data, or do so with low efficiency.
  • High cost of system operation and hardware.
  • Lake of organization prevents massive master data documents, equipment drawings,  warranty sheets and financial documents from being managed on a unified platform.
  • SAP Business Processes lacking related documents for associated support.
  • Prepare for migration to HANA and want to reduce database size.

If so, implementing delaware SAP Data Archiving and Document Management solutions can help you achieve the following measurable business value:

  • Boosting overall system performance.
  • Providing fast access to archived data from all SAP standard transaction codes.
  • Enhancing process efficiency.
  • Enabling transparent document access, so employees can quickly access business related documents directly in SAP, thus reducing time spent searching for document.
  • Minimizing operational costs and simplifying management of unstructured content

      through the use of a more streamlined infrastructure.

Solution Overview

1, Factory Document Management and SAP ECC Integration Solutions

    Factory equipment maintenance and functional position management:

    --Maintain functional position documents directly in the SAP system.

    --The integration of the functional position and the ECM provides greater

     functionality, and allows users to easily search for functional position related documents

     from SAPGUI or ECM (IE browser interface) by using the subordinate

     relationship of functional position.

2, Supplier Document Management and SAP SRM Integration Solutions

    --Access to all related documentation and imagery data of supplier at any time though
     SAPGUI or web page.
    --Purchase order document management of SRM.

  The scenario includes:

  SAP Business Suite (ECC, SRM, CRM……) such as:

  • Material master data document management.
  • Financial Documents Management.
  • Plant maintenance equipment, functional position and production order document management.
  • Project document management.
  • Employee file management.
  • Customer and supplier information management.
SAP Archive Management Enhancement Applications.

3, SAP Archive Management Enhancement Applications

    --Intelligent standard transaction code - Maintain user operation habits.

  • Seamless access to archived data using the original standard transaction.
  • Do not change user operation habits.

     --Column index - save space and ensure query speed.

  • External archiving index table and the usage of column-based technology significantly

      compresses storage.

  • Ensure data query speed while saving a lot of space.

    --Customized program - Automatic repair.

  • Customized program archiving impacts detection and repairing tools.
  • Repairs the application program when it can't determine which files are archived.

     --Classification storage of archived files.

  • Provides ECM archive server platform to store all system-generated files.
  • Classification and storage of archived files, assures high availability and security

      guarantee, compliance.

Delivery of delaware

  • Data security storage based on ECM archive server.
  • Data management methodology (avoiding, summarizing

  deleting, archiving).

  • SAP standard transaction code seamlessly accesses to

  archived data.

  • Archiving automation execution tool.
  • Archiving job monitoring automation management.
  • Archiving ABAP program automatic adjustment toolkit.

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