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Unlock value from digitally connected processes and transform your operations for your food and beverage business

Whether you are a food and beverage processor, manufacturer or distributer, your operational processes are complex. The nature of the food industry brings unique challenges such as, regulatory requirements, product developments and changing customer trends.

In the context of our ever-changing world, it is important to be transparent and navigate the complexities of the industry effectively and efficiently. Enhancing visibility and automating processes will transform your operations, so you can maximise your business' performance and deliver quality food and beverages.

Food and beverage industry

Key Challenges Across The Food & Beverage Industries:

Our Accelerated Solutions

Introducing FAST-2-S4

Transform your business with our FAST-2-S4 solution, developed by Delaware. Our ERP packaged solution, built on SAP best practices and the latest SAP S/4HANA technology, enables you to automate processes across the supply chain and achieve true compliance certainty. FAST-2-S4 is a SAP qualified partner package.  

Trusted by over 50 food and beverage companies, discover more about our Accelerated Solutions for Food: See more details on our FAST-2-S4 package on the Delaware Store.

How ERP Can Deliver Value:

  • Accurate forecasting and more informed decision-making as a result of real-time insights  

  • Integrated production planning to review scheduling and production capabilities  

  • Integral quality control audits at every stage of production to meet essential food regulations and standards such as FDA and SQF 

  • Extensive ‘farm-to-fork' product and batch traceability across the supply chain  

  • Inventory control and management, so you can optimise shelf-life, food hygiene and minimise food waste 

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