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The SAP HANA evolution: a one-page summary

May 13, 2015
Die-hard fans of our Delaware Consulting blog already have noticed the increasing frequency of SAP HANA blogposts. Do not be worried. This is not caused by a lack of creativity in our team of journalists. The truth is that SAP HANA is evolving so fast and has an impact on such a wide variety of business processes throughout an organization, that we have no other choice than regularly publish articles with updates on the latest innovations.
This also makes it hard to safeguard the overview and the direction towards all these innovations are heading. In the latest edition of SAP Insider, an article written by Philippe Dendievel, partner at Delaware Consulting, was published. The article, SAP HANA Innovations Touch All Aspects of an Organization, provides a one-page summary that describes the wave of new features, flexibility and functionality of SAP HANA. Perfect read to bring you up-to-date on the innovations in the fast evolving SAP HANA environment.