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Daikin: support for excellence

Daikin is a leading heating, air conditioning and refrigeration specialist for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, with activities in over 140 countries. Innovation and sustainability are two key differentiators for Daikin, both for its business units and its IT organization.

For many years now, Daikin has been relying on delaware to increase its IT service level by offering pan-European SAP support. In line with the company’s core values, quality and long-term commitment are the key attributes in delaware’s partnership with Daikin.

Joachim Verplancke, Daikin Europe: “Finding the right balance between cost efficiency and quality is becoming ever-more important.”

‘Glocal’ value

Over the years, delaware’s ‘glocal’ approach – combining the benefits of local proximity through on-site support and the cost efficiency benefits of offshoring – has proven its strengths to Daikin. delaware’s local presence guarantees a single point of contact, clear communication and coordination, and adherence to all the agreed procedures and quality rules, while the competence centers in Asia guarantee the continuity of Daikin’s IT landscape with the optimum cost efficiency.

Focus on convenience

Through the incident handling, change requests, development factory and on-site support, we offer Daikin reduced lead times while increasing the IT service level. Our approach allows Daikin’s IT department to reassign internal resources to business value creation and innovation, while cutting costs and maintaining stability in the number of FTEs at the same time. A perfect fit!