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‘SAP SME Top Performer for the Benelux market’

Kortrijk (Belgium), 18 December 2009 Delaware Consulting reconfirms its status of SAP’s

‘SME Top Performer’

During an SAP award ceremony on 18 December 2008, Delaware Consulting proudly received, for the third year in a row, the title of ‘SAP SME Top Performer for the Benelux market’eKenz, the Luxembourg-based company Delaware Consulting took over in 2008 and converted into its Luxembourg subsidiary, was nominated for the SAP award of ‘best strategic innovation’.

Each year, SAP Belux delivers the ‘SAP Top Performer’ award to the SME partner that best succeeds in “ensuring consistently high levels of customer satisfaction and technical expertise, combined with significant growth in customer installations and annual revenue levels”. Delaware Consulting is, together with OASIS Consultants, the SAP partner which won the highest number of new SAP customers in 2008.

We would, of course, never have achieved this award without the hard work of our team and the loyal support of our trusted customers. Delaware Consulting is committed to maintaining, and even further upgrading, its high levels of customer service and expertise throughout the new year 2009!