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Much like birds aligned to fly in an effective V formation, Single Source of Truth arranges your data in a straightforward way

Discover the end of data chaos

December 3rd, Brussels: 3.30pm - New York: 9.30am

Single Source of Truth: always the latest data at your fingertips

An inspiring, online, live dialogue on saving time and boosting efficiency

In many large companies, data ( images, text files, brochures… ) is often stored in several places at once. This can cause a number of recognizable, but time-consuming situations:

“Where can I find the latest version of our product brochure?”
“Why hasn’t this copy been replaced yet?”
"Why do I have to re-enter the same data twice?”
“How can I ensure that my client gets the most recent information?”

Enter Single Source of Truth

An effective and straightforward way to store data in your organization. By storing every file in a unique, centralized location, this approach ensures that everyone in your business has access to the latest version. The result? Customers will enjoy a seamless shopping experience whether they are interacting with a brand through physical stores, computers, mobile devices, TV, catalog, kiosks or other touch points.

Join the online discussion:

Single Source of Truth
on December 3 at 3.30PM
Brussels: 3.30pm - New York: 9.30am
Host: Delaware Digital and Adam

Watch the webinar