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13-14 November
Liverpool, England



Learn how to drive innovation, which technologies to deploy and where to take your manufacturing next.

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Richard Seel will be hosting the roundtable discussion, 'Warehouse Automation'.

Discussion synopsis: Without adopting the right warehouse systems and associated automated technologies, manufacturing businesses could be finding themselves falling behind their competitors while trying to achieve optimal customer service. With increasingly demanding consumers and the pressure to deliver accurately, fast and on time, Supply Chain Management have had to embrace automated technologies to deliver increased productivity in complex, global warehouse networks. On this roundtable discussion, we’ll be discussing:

  • How automation contributes to increased productivity and accuracy
  • Managing and reacting to fluctuating and unpredictable customer demand
  • The Integration of Machines and People in the Manufacturing Industry
  • Adopting innovative warehouse technologies to drive real business value
  • Enabling solutions to meet the demand for ever shorting delivery lead time

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