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31 October – 1 November 2018
STAND 25 – The Excel, London



Experience game changing technologies together in one place

Digital transformation is changing the world. How can businesses grow while managing disruption in these exciting times?

With the expotential growth of digital transformation, rising costs, new business requirements and increasing amounts of data, it can be a challenge to run mission-critical business functions (finance, human resources, global trade, etc.) The answer is not to just invest in new technology. But to find the balance between process and technology to build a foundation that will allow businesses to flourish.

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Unfolding Azure’s true complement to SAP landscapes

delaware has over 15 years’ experience delivering advanced solutions and services to organisations that strive for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Join us on STAND 25 in the SAP Partner Village - Future Decoded for an extraordinary two-day event that promises to deliver top-level keynotes, private learning, growth sessions, immersive experiences and more.

Starting on 31 October until 1 November, this is your chance to meet the future!

Date & Location

Dates: 31 October – 1 November 2018

Location:  STAND 25 – The Excel, London

Microsoft Future Decoded


Unfolding Azure’s true complement to SAP landscapes

Yoeri Coessens Tom Vandewinckele

As the pace of change in today’s business world only continues to advance, it’s increasingly important that businesses can exploit their systems to maximise opportunity and ROI and still be able to adapt and innovate.

Come and hear how delaware has helped customers achieve their business and IT strategies. By taking SAP to Azure, delaware are providing a flexible, cost effective platform that can be exposed to take advantage of the intelligent enterprise of the future.

Speakers: Yoeri Coessens and Tom Vandewinckele
Day 1: Wednesday, 31 October
Time: 15:00 – 15:30
Location: STAND 25 – SAP Partner Village
Session details at Microsoft's event page