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Spott et delaware unissent leurs forces avec Microsoft

Spott and delaware join forces with Microsoft

Interactive layer renders products in visual content clickable  

Spott and delaware come together in a partnership that aims to make all products clickable that are visible in visual online content. This obviously opens up a wealth of new opportunities for manufacturers and marketers, especially those specializing in retail, to sell their products and increase the Average Order Value. It also allows them to gather data about potential customers, enabling a more personalized offer. 

Spott adds an interactive layer on top of videos and photos, which allows the consumer to take that leap from being inspired to taking action much faster. Manufacturers can make their content interactive by linking each image to their product database. delaware is responsible for central data management, backed by their years of expertise in Data Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) implementations. Data are stored in Microsoft Azure, the fastest growing cloud solution for retailers. 

Their complementary services result in a partnership that offers manufacturers and marketers a combined solution, ensuring smooth integration of different marketing platforms.

Partnership supports and guides marketers in the cloud

Microsoft Azure is the fastest growing cloud solution for retailers worldwide. Didier Ongena, Country Manager Microsoft Belux, explains: “Spott has developed a platform that uses the power of Microsoft Azure to offer marketers more support. At the same time the customer experience also improves massively.” 

delaware has many years of expertise in DAM and PIM projects and focuses on innovation and added value for customers in these implementation projects. Peter Oyserman, partner at delaware Belux, adds: “We feel really enthusiastic about this collaboration and look forward to supporting marketers in their digital transformation initiatives. It is crucial that all different components are connected. Data are fundamental in constructing a personalized dialogue with each consumer and have to be managed centrally. Having data that are correct and up-to-date, guarantees that  the relevant message is always targeted at a specific customer.”  

Spott wants to support marketers in capturing the value of their content. By adding an interactive layer to videos and photos, the consumer will make that vital leap from being inspired to taking action much quicker. Marketers can render their content interactive, by linking each photo and video to the product database. This way, the content strategy of Spott’s customers is integrated in their sales strategy. Jonas De Cooman, Spott co-founder, states: “In a world where visual experiences are becoming increasingly important, Spott delivers an interactive feature by turning every photo or video into a mini website.” Michel De Wachter, Spott co-founder adds: “For brands and retailers that opt for interactive content marketing, we see a 20% increase in conversion rates, since the step from inspiration to action becomes a lot smaller.”