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Technology Driven Transformation

What Is Technology Driven Transformation?

A significant and disruptive operational change, underpinned by the implementation of new, enterprise-wide software. This can be implementing upgraded software e.g. SAP ECC6 to S/4HANA or implementing brand new technology into areas that haven’t used it before e.g. Maximo to replace SAP Plant Maintenance.

Why Do You Need Support?

Implementing any technology - even an upgrade - entails three key risks for your business. 

Each of these risks dilutes adoption of the system and causes significant operational, reputational and (potentially) financial issues. They are 
expensive to fix, compounding any losses in efficiency or finances. 

Go a long way to reducing this risk by involving our experts in 
transformation: we understand how to effectively deliver change, and we are also experts in SAP and supporting technology. We will help you 
realise the benefits you intended to achieve.

How Will We Help Transform Your Business?

Our transformation approach combines 
programme, business and stakeholders and drives for a common outcome. 

We will support your energy business along every step of the transformation process by focusing on areas critical to your success and bringing a winning mix of the right approach, right people and right collaborative working practices.


  • Leadership engagement and coaching 
  • User engagement, demystifying changes and clarifying what individuals need to do

Impact & Action

  • Define business impact establishing what is changing and what that means to the business
  • Establish a change action plan to outline all key business activities and resources needed to deliver a successful go-live


  • Right-sized, job-specific training
  • Targeted and contextual communications
  • Engaging learning content that “sticks”
  • Innovative use of micro learning videos to train and  communicate
  • Next-generation training and adoption tooling


  • Produce readiness governance structure bringing together business and programme leadership and teams
  • Agree objective, criteria, measures and metrics to:  
    1. define what “readiness” looks like;
    2. enable progress tracking


  • Managed adoption KPIs 
  • Robust adoption management
  • Integration to hypercare
  • Focused remediation activities
  • Preventative rather than reactive issue management

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