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Mar 11, 2024

Are you trying to improve your website? Are you constantly experimenting with what design, layout, or structure works most efficiently? Changing your interfaces from time to time typically consumes a lot of time and cost, not to mention the risks that arise.

After all the changes, it’s hard to judge how much positive benefit it has yielded. Are the visitors more satisfied? Do they spend more time on the site or perhaps less? Which menu items do they open most often, and which do they avoid? These are all questions that are difficult to answer. However, Optimizely has a solution.

Briefly about Optimizely

Optimizely’s composable digital experience platform aims to innovate companies’ user experience management. The user-friendly solution allows companies to flexibly and agilely supervise all their content on any platform, shape it consistently, and last but not least, tailor it to their customers’ needs. 

Optimizely’s latest product, Optimizely Web Experimentation, enables the fastest A/B testing available on the market. Let’s see what you should know about this technology.

What is Optimizely Web Experimentation?

Optimizely Web Experimentation solution helps teams experiment, all without developer assistance. This way, they can provide a better user experience, thereby achieving better results, higher revenue, and satisfaction on the site. Optimizely also provides a central workspace where colleagues can work together efficiently, easily share, and control experiments. Experimentation can mitigate potential risks when introducing updates, also help personalize experiences, and make high-impact changes based on the data obtained. 

Optimizely’s goal is to eliminate guesswork about customer needs so they determine the right next step based on the data collected during testing. This way, we can increase both satisfaction and the company’s revenues. Therefore, optimizely’s A/B testing technology provides a perfect insight into the results following the change and simplifies the implementation of modifications. But why is this important?

What you need to know about Optimizely

More than 127 thousand experiments have been successfully conducted. Through the analysis of these experiments, as well as various customer satisfaction interviews and case studies, the company confidently assists its customers.

Although the top 3% of companies in the world conduct more than 500 experiments annually, only a third of various development experiments have more than one variation. Statistics have shown that 88% of experiments end unsuccessfully. Less than 10% of such tests have four or more variations, despite these achieving twice as much success as traditional A/B testing, i.e., comparing an existing and a developed page. So what could be the solution? More variations are needed! This is what Optimizely’s latest solution offers, and with it, guarantees success for its customers.

How does it work

What is a variation? When we want to introduce something new to our web interface, we make several modifications compared to the existing layout and structure. We change the colors, images, and texts. We add new elements, maybe even delete some. These will represent a new variation of our existing page. With the help of Optimizely’s interface, we can easily create such variations without programming knowledge, and then we randomly display these to customers. While they are using the site, we can extract a lot of data by analyzing their movements. Thus, we can finally decide which variation performs better, with which we can achieve the desired result more efficiently. 

In addition, we cannot only test new elements but also observe if there are components of our site that may not interest users and unnecessarily tie up resources. We can remove these from our site. 

Optimizely Web Experimentation helps find those moments where the visitor makes decisions so we can shape the site according to our needs for the desired result. The solution thus helps to step out of the comfort zone in the interest of positive change, boosting business success and modernizing the interface. 

What does it offer

In addition to providing the fastest A/B testing on the market, Optimizely Web Experimentation also offers several other benefits to its users:

  • Easy collaboration with colleagues 
  • Simple website editing opportunity 
  • Quick implementation of updates 
  • Accurate analytics about customers 
  • Greater efficiency 
  • More satisfied customers

With Optimizely’s solution, your team can track customer needs faster and more efficiently than ever before, enabling personalization and the necessary transformations for colleagues who do not have coding knowledge.

Would you like to learn more about the opportunities offered by Optimizely’s digital experience platform?

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