Digital team

Digital team

Cutting-edge digital solutions

In the constantly changing world of technology, only those companies can keep their market leading position, that can predict market trends and are able to answer them faster and more effectively than their competitors. To do so, knowing the customers is crucial, however, the collected data can only benefit the organization when it is used well.

With our state-of-the-art solutions, we offer the most modern digital tools for our customers. We are aiming to implement and support technologies that enable them to follow the changing needs of the market, providing an advantage that strengthens their leading position.

One stop-shop for Microsoft and SAP

The consultants of delaware have an outstanding knowledge in the fields of both Microsoft and SAP, giving a unique opportunity to our customers on the Hungarian market. The consultants and developers of our Digital team are constantly working on creating user-friendly interfaces while seeking new opportunities to improve our offerings.

Implementing DXPs

Digital experience platforms manage and optimize all products in one central hub which improves customer experience by enabling smooth interactions on all digital channels. Besides our Microsoft competencies, we are working closely together with three of the vendors praised by Gartner (Kentico, Sitecore and Optimizely), and have outstanding knowledge on the implementation of digital experience platforms.

Bring out the maximum of your digital presence

As the digital needs of customers are continuously rising, companies need to find a way to comply with these demands. Choosing the right digital technologies is crucial to stay relevant, enabling a company not only to implement changes quicker but also to realise higher ROI. 

Our team is committed to offering the most modern technologies available on the market suited to our customers' business needs. 

From planning to implementation – delaware Hungary Digital supports you all along the way by holding most competencies you would need for a successful IT project in one hand.
Diána Bártfai, Digital Solution Lead

Harness the new technologies that match your growth ambition

Data is everywhere – and it’s waiting to be used to drive the development of new business processes and disruptive new business models. Your company’s ability to harness the power of data is the key to future-proof decision-making and the great differentiator of the digital age.

Even more, data is used to power emerging machine-learning platforms that drive truly intelligent business processes with minimal input. However, in this dawning era of digitally made decisions, it’s important to balance the complementary advantages of human and machine.

Meeting customers’ expectation

Customers are increasingly empowered, and their expectations are continuously rising. More than ever, offering a unique and consistent user experience across multiple channels is paramount to building valuable customer relationships. Only truly customer-obsessed businesses stand a chance in an increasingly customer-centric world. 

With our experts, we will assess your current technologies, tools and business results. Then, we will find the solution to bring out the best of your opportunities which will guarantee to be the perfect match for your customers.

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Digital Solution Lead