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Real Estate

Manage beautiful spaces for your customers

The global health crisis that started in 2020 negatively affected multiple sectors of the economy, including real estate. Now, in 2022, businesses have started opening up, and the real estate industry has shown a promising upward trend in both commercial and residential rentals, as well as the home ownership market. 

Still, the market has transformed into a digital and more demanding one. Real estate companies must at the minimum be able to quickly catch up in terms of operational efficiency, customer experience, and innovation. You must:

  • Consistently delight your customers by personalizing digital experiences at every touchpoint: from property search, acquisition, onboarding, usage, to contract end.
  • Increase tenant satisfaction by rapidly resolving queries and service requests

  • Manage cash effectively based on accurate and real-time visibility of cash positions at the property and corporate level.

  • Collect rent promptly by automatically generating invoices and reminders in a timely manner.

  • In a risky economic climate with high vacancy rates, keep managing profits by cutting down costs to acquire and retain tenants, reducing  IT expenses, and improving employee productivity.

You can do all these with SAP Real Estate Management solution. Delivered by delaware, SAP will enable you to streamline residential and commercial real estate processes so you can continuously delight your customers, manage cash effectively, protect your revenue, and remain resilient despite volatile economic conditions.

Automate and streamline your real estate business

Real Estate Objects Management

Manage all aspects of your RE business, including business entities, land, building, rental unit, rental space, and rental room objects. Take a look at your property from an architectural perspective and from a usage perspective.

Construction Project Management

Manage the development project from groundbreaking to completion, including materials, equipment, and manpower. Protect your budget with automated milestone billing. Ensure that properties are completed on time and within budget.

Contract Management

Say goodbye to hours — even days — spent going through paper trail. Digitize contract management of your entire portfolio, including lease-in, lease-out, customer, and vendor contracts. Attribute business entities, buildings, or company codes to any contract for easy reference.

Space Optimization

Define structures, usage considerations, amenities, and unusual spaces. Visually represent RE objects though external graphic systems.

Centralized Business Processes

Integrate real estate processes and transactions with finance, controlling, planning, purchasing, HR, and more. All in a single SAP S4/HANA platform.

Delivered by delaware

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