Sustainable business in a sustainable world

All eyes are on utility companies, as sustainability takes front and center of the world stage. Customers are aware of the impact of consumption — water, electricity, and other facilities — and are demanding environmentally sound solutions for the sake of our planet. Moreover, customers of the age of social media are more demanding, more critical of the way they experience service, now that they have visibility of exciting and innovative players from all over the world.

  • Deregulation. With younger, digitally native players joining the race, utility companies need to upgrade their legacy systems. Else, their more agile competitors threaten to overtake them by leveraging distributed resources, and decentralized networks. With digital transformation, providers large and small are able to seek new business models and revenue streams.

  • Decarbonization. If the industry is going to shed its age-old reputation of constantly spewing carbon emissions and warming the Earth, they need to tap into renewable sources fast. However, new variables come into play, such as drastic changes in demand models. To manage this, they need to tap into another valuable resource: accurate, real-time data.

  • Decentralization. Even the billing process and platform must evolve, to reflect new aspects of the business such as distributed resources and equipment owned by customers who are both suppliers and consumers.

  • Digitalization. Even well established utility companies have an urgent need to withstand weather disasters and other unexpected events. But physical assets and paper-based systems are incompatible with innovations such as smart grids, smart metering, and local energy balancing. They need an intelligent, integrated, and cloud-based business platform.

With SAP, utility companies can mitigate risk, reduce cost, and accelerate time to market in order to stand their ground and play a role towards shaping a greener, healthier planet.

Asset Management

The world is awake 24/7. This takes a toll on assets: pipelines, plants, and sub-stations. SAP enables you to monitor your grid conditions, improve asset planning and lifecycle costs, and enhance predictive maintenance to make sure that your facilities are always at peak performance.

  • Portfolio and project management 

  • Asset operations and maintenance 

  • Asset performance management

  • Environment, health, and safety

Smart metering and markets

Capture energy, gas, and water data in real-time. With SAP’s utility metering solutions, you can run advanced analytics and deploy a dashboard to monitor, manage, and forecast consumption. 

  • Meter lifecycle management

  • Discrete meter reading processing

  • Time series data

  • Settlement and regulatory compliance

  • Metering analytics

Customer service

Customer trust is vital in order to thrive in the utilities space. With SAP, establish a 360-degree view of each customer and personalize every touch point. Nurture customer loyalty by enriching their interactions with you. Minimize complaints, reduce customer service costs, and drive profitability.

  • Personalized marketing

  • Customer service excellence

  • Omnichannel sales and commerce

  • Customer experience management

Field service

Reach optimal service levels with efficient field service operations. Leverage AI for scheduling, planning, and dispatching engineers for outage management and emergencies. Better manage your human resources with analytics, reports, mobile tools, automated invoicing, flexible workforce management.

  • Immediate leakage detection and equipment repair

  • Field service management and execution

  • Extended workforce management

  • Project management

  • Service experience management

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