Daiichi Properties elevates customer experience at every touch point

Jul 31, 2022

Daiichi Properties deployed SAP Cloud for Customer Service to support their continuously growing customer base and keep their service levels high. Now, they have automated their processes and gained visibility of all service tickets — allowing them to quickly satisfy the requirements of their customers.


Daiichi Properties (Daiichi) is a dynamic Philippine-based award-winning real estate developer. Currently with ten developments to date, Daiichi is committed to designing and building high-quality structures that are functional, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Daiichi Properties uses innovative designs and technologies in providing real estate solutions to reputable companies for world-class commercial and industrial developments.


As the properties Daiichi managed increased, so did the time and resources it took to handle tenant transactions and concerns. Every touch point must be handled satisfactorily and in a timely manner. However, they had a lean team, disparate processes across buildings, and no system to record requests by tenants and service fulfillment by the personnel.

The resulting performance due to these limitations did not satisfy Daiichi’s commitment to its customers and stakeholders:

  • Extended turnaround time to issue resolution due to multiple layers of routing

  • Delayed charging of repair costs to tenant

  • Errors in keeping records of equipment and service charges

Daiichi needed to put in place a system that will help them manage a large volume of customer transactions, automate property management processes based on best practices, and ultimately elevate the experience of their customers.

Like delaware, Daiichi puts the customer at the front and center of its business initiatives. This demonstrates that they go beyond property management — they enable their customers’ lifestyles. Every single touch point with the customer has to be a delightful one, and, with SAP, Daiichi is able to do this at scale.
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Daiichi Properties chose SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C) Service, SAP’s cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Platform. The implementation covered features that would facilitate the company’s transactions with tenants, recording of issues, progress, resolutions, and equipment, and cost charging to clients.

The project’s objectives were:

  • To open a centralized communication channel with tenants

  • To automate the maintenance process from requisitioning, progress monitoring, to completion

  • To ensure accurate recording and charging of repairs and maintenance efforts

  • To establish a central repository of tenant information, services requests, and resolution — all accessible to personnel in real time.

SAP C4C seamlessly integrated with Daiichi’s existing SAP S/4HANA. This resulted in a fully integrated and fully digital system to support Daiichi’s fast growing clientele and business.


With SAP C4C Service in place, Daiichi automated its maintenance processes, became proactive service providers, and gained visibility of all services requests and its components. Now, even as the volume of requests continues to grow, they are ready and able to open, monitor, and close tickets to the satisfaction of their customers. 


  • 87.2% reduction in customer complaints

  • 60% average closing of ticket per day

  • 93% SLA compliance

  • 98% positive feedback in customer satisfaction survey


  • Improved relationship between customer and Daiichi

  • Departments are integrated so that Daiichi can monitor tasks and action items across Customer Service, Property Administration, Procurement, and Finance.

  • More time to focus on major concerns and anticipate possible issues


  • Daiichi is able to use a single, centralized, and integrated platform for frontend and backend requirements, minimizing operational costs to IT.


  • Daiichi maintains an accurate history of company equipment, cost, and related tenants for better visibility and more efficient record handling.


  • Daiichi maintains a lean team to handle both reactive and proactive service requests, while maintaining an optimal SLA with customers.

  • Daiichi objectively measures performance in order to motivate personnel to address concerns within the SLA.

Best Run Awards Nomination

Daiichi Properties was recently nominated in the SAP Best Run Awards Asia Pacific, under the category "The X Factor". It was in recognition of enterprises that demonstrated a customer-first approach and mindset. They created great customer experiences through digital transformation.

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