SAP Customer Experience (CX)

SAP Customer Experience (CX)

A seamless, personalized experience for your customers

SAP Customer Experience (CX) is a suite of solutions designed to optimize customer interactions throughout the entire lifecycle. It integrates various modules to provide a seamless and personalized customer experience.

By combining marketing, sales, and service functionalities, SAP CX enables businesses to deliver tailored and efficient interactions across multiple channels.

The future of customer engagement

SAP has unveiled the latest advancement in customer relationship management with the new version of SAP Sales & Service Cloud. This version boasts AI-driven insights, seamless integration with existing business systems, and improved user interfaces for greater efficiency. Enhance your sales and service performance, elevate customer satisfaction, and stimulate growth.

For a glimpse into the future of customer engagement, watch the video.

The SAP CX Suite bridges the gap between businesses and customers to create seamless, personalized, and memorable experiences that resonate long after the sale is made

Enabling technologies

SAP CX integrates seamlessly with other SAP components to elevate customer experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Improving the customer experience at Joris Ide

Joris Ide has steel construction down to a tee. The Belgian-based company’s steel panels, tiles and profiles are used in a variety of sectors, from agriculture and industry to residential. Apart from its high-quality products, Joris Ide stands out for its focus on customer service. Recently, the company embarked on a digital journey with delaware and SAP to bring its customer experience to new heights – all while also boosting internal efficiency. 

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SAP Customer Experience Lead
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