Hive CPQ

Hive CPQ

The CPQ software that revolutionizes your sales process

In the discrete manufacturing sector, offering and pricing complex configurable products can be challenging. Hive CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software provides the answer. The cloud-based solution enables you to present and sell even the most complex product offerings in one comprehensive tool. It guides your customers as they configure personalized products, and automatically generates prices and quotes for the end result.

But Hive CPQ is more than just another CPQ solution. You can define, visualize and adjust all product options in real time, and even build your own configurator in our self-service (low-code!) Design Studio. Are your products especially intricate? Equip them with exploded views and extensive bills of materials (BOM), and use the spare part module to make spare parts more readily available. And don’t forget the dealer portal, where your dealer network can directly access your configurators and receive quotes.

Multiple streamlined workflows

Hive’s modular mix-and-match setup makes sure you can optimize either one or multiple channels in your sales process – whichever fits your strategy best. Discover the three roads to success.

Internal use

Automate and accelerate your internal sales process by configuring complex products, calculating prices and generating quotations in a heartbeat – making sure your sales reps have more time to close deals.

Dealer portal

Give your dealer network direct access to your configurators. They can make and receive quotes promptly, place orders, and manage their own customized products.

Lead generation

Add the configurator to your website or web shop, so potential customers can configure their preferred product (size, color, etc.) – no login required.

...and there's more

Hive’s user-friendly interface combines all master data on one platform, replacing tools such as Excel or external calculators. Customizable templates and an intuitive environment will turn all your end users into product experts. Interactive configurations (in 2D or 3D) and visually attractive quotations will directly impact your conversion rates and revenue.

And since the CPQ solution is smoothly integrated into your ERP or CRM, it reduces manual tasks, such as copy-pasting orders into your ERP. Last but not least, both customers and dealers can use the platform to independently configure products and create quotes. Their behavior, in turn, leads to valuable sales insights, improved customer service, and a competitive edge in your market. 

Hive CPQ takes CPQ software to the next level. The platform runs on fast servers and the latest technologies but is still easy to implement – no development work needed. It’s also incredibly comprehensive and can cover up to 90-95% of your products.
Frederik Taleman, CEO & Founder at Hive CPQ

Hive CPQ and delaware: a priceless partnership

In their collaboration, Hive CPQ and delaware reconcile winning teams, specialist expertise, and matching company cultures. Hive CPQ offers in-depth CPQ software knowledge and a top product, whereas delaware is the perfect implementation partner to make sure that customers get the most out of the CPQ solution.

“Hive CPQ provides integrations to its Hive API through several preconfigured standard connectors, or customers can build their own,” says Frederik Taleman, CEO and Founder at Hive CPQ. “If another type of integration is needed, delaware can round out the implementation through its expertise in several ecosystems.” As a result, Hive CPQ and delaware can both deliver end-to-end integrations in state-of-the-art projects, rendering long-term value every time.

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Stefaan Vandeputte, partner

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