One standardized QHSE management solution

In post-pandemic times of uncertainty, quality regulations have become increasingly demanding. Pharmaceutical and food companies, for example, must follow strict protocols to distribute their products, while logistics organizations need to comply with rigorous rules to transport specific goods or materials. In those sectors, there is an urgent need for a standardized QHSE (Quality Health Safety Environment) management solution. Not just to remain compliant, but to easily anticipate any changes in the legal framework.

That’s precisely what BizzMine has to offer: preconfigured and user-friendly QHSE management software – no coding or tech-savviness required. It’s highly flexible, scalable, and covers 85 to 90 percent of your quality management requirements. And thanks to delaware, you can easily plug BizzMine’s solution into your cloud architecture, according to E2E best practices.

BizzMine was founded in Kortrijk (Belgium) in 1995. Now, it’s an international software vendor and developer, in which 90+ employees service 1,000+ customers in 45+ countries. Our acquisition of Inception (October 2023) has further strengthened our leading position in the Benelux QHSE market.
Peter De Brabandere, Founder & CEO at BizzMine

Everything you need for maximum compliance

Compliance doesn’t just guarantee safety; it also avoids warning letters from the authorities, which will inevitably delay production, or stop it altogether. And such a scenario will undoubtedly cost a lot more than a top-shelf QHSE management tool like BizzMine’s.

The BizzMine platform optimizes both quality and HSE management workflows:

Digital QMS

Quality management goes beyond making sure all your paperwork is up to code. The BizzMine QMS solution enables you to take your quality assurance and compliance to the next level:

  • Organize internal and external audits
  • Implement and evaluate CAPAs (Corrective and Preventive Action)
  • Keep track of all complaints and how you resolved them
  • Facilitate document control and distribution
  • Plan and analyze calibration operations
  • Monitor all in-house competencies and (safety) training opportunities

Digital HSE

Safety first! With BizzMine’s VARIO software, you can easily manage everything you need to keep your employees safe.

  • Risk/incident/materials management
  • Prepare and centralize quality inspections
  • Guidelines on how to treat hazardous substances
  • VCA and ISO certifications
Adding the BizzMine offering to our portfolio aligns with delaware's strategy of focusing on specific industries that require complementary QHSE solutions. We particularly consider this relevant for various process industries, as well as life sciences and healthcare.
Johan Raedemaeker, Partner at delaware

BizzMine and delaware: two complementary forces

The collaboration between delaware and BizzMine unites two beautifully complementary types of expertise. BizzMine boasts a top QHSE management product: easy and secure – no need to build a customized solution from scratch. delaware, on the other hand, has the international know-how to implement and integrate that software into different platforms and ecosystems.

 Using our knowledge of several process industries and verticals, we’ll help organizations incorporate QHSE into their digital transformation. Together, we make sure that both new and existing customers enjoy a state-of-the-art QMS solution that grows in tune with their journey and legal requirements. In that way, you can always count on the right solution at the right time.

ready to optimize your QHSE workflows?

Johan Raedemaeker, Partner

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