Embrace agile financial planning with a touch of Excel  

In the face of a rapidly changing digital landscape, finance departments and controllers often struggle with the dilemma of choosing between their trusted, flexible Excel sheets and specialized solutions with inherent limitations. 

Vena offers the best of both worlds: the flexible cloud-based modeling environment allows you to scale while continuing to enjoy Excel. Combine it with delaware’s unique business templates for added value.

Why you’ll love Vena

Vena is an advanced financial planning and analysis environment that seamlessly combines the familiarity and ease of use of Excel with the power of a best-in-class performance management solution. 

With Vena, you will achieve faster results through an improved planning and performance management cycle, all while benefiting from the assurance of a single source of truth. 

Vena is truly the ‘smartphone’ of finance: a powerful tool that integrates a wide range of custom apps and always feels familiar, thanks to the Excel interface.


Vena features automated workflows, source system integrations, enterprise-level security, and a structured database environment. Vena’s flexible modeling environment empowers you to: 

    • Take data-driven decisions within planning and budgeting
    • Turn separate departments into teamwork partners for business planning
    • Generate reports by combining data from a wide array of sources
  • Improve security on templates and data access
  • Consolidate various finance use cases within a single ecosystem
  • Determine and optimize cost to serve (net margin analysis)

How to get the most out of Vena

To get the most out of Vena, use its sandbox environment, which allows businesses to incorporate their unique processes and develop customized modeling. This does require in-depth knowledge of business processes and various finance methodologies,  which is where delaware comes in. 

With expertise in modeling, business, and finance, delaware experts have created various templates that enable businesses to work with Vena in an agile way, incorporating continuous improvement through intermediate sprints. These templates come with the most-used formulas, approaches, and dimensions for specific use cases, allowing businesses to harness Vena's powerful ecosystem from the outset. Moreover, business users can easily adapt the template to add new processes, without IT support. 

Why choose delaware?

For decades, we at delaware have been combining our experience in finance with deep technological expertise. Quite recently, we’ve been strengthening our team with a set of experienced finance professionals, who bring many years of management consulting experience to the table. 

By complementing our joint know-how with the pragmatic approach that has been our calling card for years, we can provide valuable advice, implement Vena for you, and develop new applications that will add value for your organization.

Infuse your financial planning processes with fresh insights with Vena and delaware. Get in touch now!

Jos Gilissen

Director Finance & Controlling Solutions

Get in touch with Jos via LinkedIn

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