Enhance your digital asset management

  • Discover a unified platform that centralizes all your digital assets, providing you with one convenient location to search, browse, and manage your files.
  • Customize your experience by creating personalized collections, tailoring the organization of your assets to suit your specific needs.
  • Download assets in the format that best suits your requirements, ensuring compatibility and flexibility for your projects.
  • Seamlessly integrate Digizuite with popular software solutions such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Miro, Microsoft Office, Sitecore, Optimizely, Hootsuite, and many more, enabling easy access to your assets within your preferred tools.
  • Share assets effortlessly with external parties, while maintaining complete control over access rights. Safeguard your sensitive information and grant permissions according to your preferences.

About Digizuite

To offer exceptional customer experiences, you need to create a whole lot of rich media content across various channels. The result? Thousands of digital files across multiple sources: servers, file-sharing tools, e-mail attachments. Digizuite’s Digital Asset Management solution allows you to keep track of your content, repurpose it, and maximize its impact across the entire customer journey.

Customer experiences can make or break brands, and today’s customers expect highly personalized and creative interactions. This means that brands must offer rich media content – images, videos, logos and graphics – across multiple channels. However, keeping track of all this content can be challenging. Digital asset management offers a way to address this challenge and helps you orchestrate the distribution of digital content across multiple channels from a single source.

Easy collaboration, anytime, anywhere

Digizuite™ DAM is a business-critical DAM solution that protects the entire lifecycle of digital assets: from creation and approval, to distribution and reuse. It allows you to: approve assets and make them available for everyone or selected users; publish assets on multiple channels, and update and withdraw them if needed; quickly search and find assets from old campaigns and repurpose them; archive assets and apply specific expiration dates.

The content you need, when you need it

Digizuite™ allows employees and external partners to easily search, access, share, and download marketing materials from a single source. This means:

  • no more interruptions and bulk attachments via e-mail;
  • easy brand compliance across channels;
  • faster time to market;
  • increased operational efficiency;
  • new revenue streams and digital services
Digizuite™ DAM is a full-blown digital asset management solution that allows users to upload, edit, search, manage, distribute and repurpose rich media content across internal and external channels through automated and intelligent workflows

Why you'll love Digizuite

Digizuite™ DAM for Sitecore provides a seamless integration with the Sitecore web content management system. Sitecore editors can combine enterprise digital asset management software and customer experience management for high-quality brand experiences across multiple channels.

  • One place for all digital assets
  • Always the most recent version of each asset
  • Strong user rights control
  • Integrates seamlessly with your systems so you can focus on being creative
  • Integrates with all major software solutions: Sitecore, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and EpiServer