Next-generation ‘bionic’ demand planning

In an increasingly volatile environment, demand is becoming more and more fragmented and unpredictable. Understanding changes early on, identifying issues, and reacting in tune with your organizational constraints is key to success. And yet, most supply chain solutions base their forecasts on the assumption that what happened in the past will happen again. 

Garvis’ ‘bionic’ demand planning system takes a different approach. Combining access to data with a transparent AI, the system incorporates forward-looking data to reduce forecasting errors by up to 40%. Furthermore, it frees your planners from tedious data-processing work and complex spreadsheets. Instead, they are empowered to assess the impact of data and apply their business insights and creativity

Garvis’ transparent AI reduces forecast errors by up to 40%

Stay in control

Garvis’ ‘bionic’ approach means that planners always stay in control through a bi-directional communication layer with the transparent AI. 

  • The planner explains events to the system. For example, they can say which sales spikes are related to which events. At the same time, in order to learn, the system will ask for input from planners when it notices other peaks.
  • The system tracks decisions and makes them transparent, thus allowing planners to explain their rationale to other stakeholders. 

Thanks to Garvis’ ‘Bionication’ process, setting up a planning environment from your sales history can be done in a day. No need for advanced in-house data science expertise, nor long and costly implementation projects. 

Features that you’ll love

  • History mining and user-trainable AI/ML forecasting engine: Link historical events with sales patterns via AI. Let planners train the system to build a reusable event library and get increasingly intelligent and accurate forecasting.
  • Actionable demand sensing: Garvis starts from your existing demand, and uses pattern recognition and other smart features to translate orders and other demand signals into predictions. 
  • New product introductions: Reduce the risk of stock-outs, swiftly correct overly optimistic forecasts, and get a firm grip on unpredictable demand when introducing new products thanks to instant access to downstream demand information and point-of-sales data. 
  • Inventory planning: Translate forecasts into tangible savings through better customer service, reduced safety stocks and lower operating costs.
  • Promotional planning: Accurately predict the impact of sales promotions to avoid logistical challenges. 
  • Scenario planning: Predict the impact of organizational changes and changes in customer behavior – or rethink your entire business model – with Garvis’ full-scenario and driver analysis.
  • External data sources: Boost the accuracy of your forecasts by incorporating external industry and customer behavior data sets.  

Supercharge your planning process

Leading companies such as SAP come with state-of-the-art cloud-based planning suites (e.g. SAP IBP) that cover sales & operations, demand forecasting, inventory & supply planning and also provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. Combining this software with Garvis, will initiate a new way of responsive supply chain planning and change the way we think about sales & operations planning.

Find out all about it from Piet Buyck (Garvis) and Kristof De Backer (delaware) at the delaware Conference 2023.

Why choose delaware?

By choosing delaware as your Garvis’ implementation partner, you’ll benefit from

  • a structured, proven approach;
  • end-to-end support and insights;
  • close collaboration with your in-house team;
  • over 20 years of experience in numerous industries.

Unlock the full power of AI-driven demand planning with Garvis and delaware. Get in touch today.

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