Brokering new opportunities in Industry 4.0

Connecting and moving data to and from devices remains a key challenge for Internet of Things (IoT) setups. As a proven enterprise-grade MQTT platform, HiveMQ ensures fast, efficient, and reliable data movement in all circumstances for well-known companies like Netflix, BMW, Daimler and many more. By adding a powerful platform like HiveMQ to our solutions portfolio, we’re opening new Industry 4.0 avenues and opportunities for our customers.

What is MQTT?

Message Queuing Telemetry Transport or MQTT is the most used messaging protocol for IoT. It’s standardized by OASIS and ISO and provides a scalable and reliable way to connect embedded devices, sensors, industrial PLCs, etc.

The protocol is event-driven and uses the publish /subscribe pattern. The connection is handled by an MQTT broker – like HiveMQ. The broker filters all incoming messages and ‘broadcasts’ them securely and correctly.

The benefits

Flexible, secure and scalable

Since its inception, HiveMQ has raised the bar for MQTT brokers worldwide by offering unmatched flexibility, security, and scale. Standout features include:

  • the ability to reproduce data for other brokers
  • buffering capabilities to ensure that no data is lost in case of an outage

Overall equipment effectiveness

In large organizations with multiple, geographically dispersed plants, a cloud broker like HiveMQ makes it possible to consult each factory’s individual data stream, as well as collective parameters. In this way, users can monitor overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) across the company, opening new opportunities for optimization.  

Why it pays to pay for your broker

Most brokers are open source and thus free to use. However, HiveMQ’s paid business model comes with an important advantage: end-to-end support and SLAs. For enterprises where data is critical, that’s an absolute must.

By partnering up with HiveMQ, we’re taking an important step towards realizing our vision of the ‘digital feedback loop’, where companies can make smart decisions based on accurate and contextualized real-time data.
Rens Bonnez, Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain of the Future Architect

delaware and HiveMQ: unlock your Industry 4.0 potential

At delaware, we believe that brokers like HiveMQ hold the key to unlocking your full Industry 4.0 potential. Why? Because they eliminate the need for point-to-point connections between your systems while still giving you the ability to collect and analyze data across your entire setup. 

By combining HiveMQ’s cutting-edge technology and delaware’s industry expertise and experience, we can build new and compelling business cases. “Up until now, what was often missing in Industry 4.0 projects was production and maintenance data from sensors and machines themselves,” explains Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain of the Future Architect Rens Bonnez. “However, that context is essential to truly understand what’s happening on the level of the plant, for example, and thus making the right decisions.”

“In the near future, companies will be able to make accurate, real-time decisions based on what we’re calling the ‘digital feedback loop’,” he adds. “Our partnership with HiveMQ brings that future a lot closer.” 

time to take your IoT and I4.0 ambitions to the next level

Rens Bonnez

Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain of the Future Architect
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