Manage, analyze, and optimize your social media efforts for maximum impact

Social media has the power to rocket launch your brand. Create the necessary spark, understand what drives your audience and realize your growth ambitions with the combined power of Hootsuite and delaware. Efforts paid off and got your brand into orbit? Build better connections when it matters most with Sparkcentral by Hootsuite’s social customer service solution.

One tool to manage all your socials and answer customers 

Curate content and schedule posts with Hootsuite, or manage team members and measure return on investment, all in one platform. The tool enables you to view multiple streams at once, listen to what your customers are saying and engage in a meaningful way. Hootsuite is extendable with add-ons, to not only manage your socials, but also create brand awareness and provide tailored customer care with Sparkcentral.

Creating a social media schedule can be time-consuming, especially if you need to schedule all content for each individual platform. And when everything is just one click away, customers expect instant customer support through social media. Sound familiar? Think again: social media management doesn’t have to be complex or fragmented. And answering customers can be done quickly, yet with a personal touch.

imagine Hootsuite as the cockpit of your marketing team

Just a few of the add-ons available

Thanks to the available add-ons, Hootsuite will quickly become the beating heart of your marketing and customer care department. We’ll guide you through some of the options: 

  • Sparkcentral by Hootsuite is especially designed to perform social customer care: Sparkcentral by Hootsuite is designed specifically for direct customer support. The add-on enables you to provide personal customer experience through better collaboration across teams and central dispatching. Sparkcentral by Hootsuite is compatible with all popular messaging apps.
  • Amplify can turn your workforce into influencers for your brand: Amplify can help boost your brand awareness. As an additional feature, it helps to engage your team as influencers for your brands. Amplify is the easiest way to empower your team to share social messages and increase your brand reach. 

All encompassing, yet intuitive

Imagine Hootsuite as another member of your marketing team, with all the buttons and tools they need within easy reach.  

  • Extend your social marketing reach by growing a more engaged audience
  • Improve efficiency and simplify social media management
  • Make customer care effortless and customer experiences seamless
  • Prove the return on investment of social and make data-driven decisions

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Why choose delaware?

Get the most out of Hootsuite by choosing delaware as your preferred partner. Our expertise enables a smooth integration with your existing ERP systems and seamless follow-up across all your platforms. Take advantage of all the tools you need to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

With delaware as your Hootsuite partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • A seamless implementation
  • A tailor-made approach
  • A clear roadmap with milestones and potential obstacles
  • A pleasant and personal collaboration

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