Destination: complete content control

Kontent.ai is a next-generation, cloud-based headless content management system (CMS) that empowers people and organizations to deliver standout customer experiences.

No matter how many websites, marketing newsletters and social media channels you’re running: for your customers, you’re one company. To present a cohesive brand voice across all your channels, you need to keep track of the creation and delivery of all your content. And in today’s high-speed information environment, you need to make sure every message counts.

What is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is a back-end-only system that serves as a content repository. It’s called ‘headless’, because the front-end or presentation layer is not built into the CMS itself. Instead, content is made accessible for display on any channel via APIs. This approach allows marketeers to focus on content creation and collaboration, and developers on storing and delivering structured content across channels. 

Features: take charge of experience and operations

Enter Kontent.ai, the headless CMS that offers full control over content experience (what your audience sees) and content operations (what happens behind the scenes). This game-changing solution empowers you to create, organize and distribute your content effortlessly, and ensures it shines across all channels and touchpoints.  

Create with confidence

Native AI capabilities
Web Spotlight
Create, improve, edit and brainstorm ideas faster than ever with Kontent.ai’s native AI capabilities.  
Take full control over who-does-what and what-goes-where with role-based and content-specific workflows.  
Get a preview of your content while you're creating it and view a detailed site tree, with Web Spotlight. 
Cloud-based platform
Create once, reuse forever
Searchable content
Enjoy the security, scalability, global footprint and next-level availability of a 100% cloud-based content platform with Single Sign On (SSO). 
Goodbye duplicate efforts and discrepancies across sites and channels: Kontent.ai lets you reuse and adapt content whenever and wherever it's needed. 
All your content within reach, thanks to text search, filters etc. with which delaware makes the content easily searchable. 
A headless CMS allows organizations to centralize all content operations and ensure their content is consistent across regions, brands, departments and channels.

Build with purpose

Because Kontent.ai is an API-first CMS, you get absolute freedom in building compelling digital experiences.

Choose your architecture
Fit any device
Forget maintenance
Create websites and applications with your preferred framework and programming language.  
Create engaging experiences for any device or channel with structured content that fits into any presentation layer.  
Kontent.ai is cloud-native, so no more maintaining servers or worrying about upgrades, performance and security. 

Your benefits: experience content excellence

The net result? Kontent.ai allows businesses like yours to

  • meet your customers where they are, via their preferred channels, and stay consistent across multiple websites and other touchpoints;
  • enjoy hassle-free content creation and content management by aligning your teams and giving them access to a single collaborative environment.

Why choose delaware

As a Kontent.ai Premium Partner, delaware will help you leverage your content and set up exceptional omnichannel experiences. We offer:

  • a structured approach that ensures your implementation is delivered on time, within budget, and exceeds your expectations;
  • comprehensive end-to-end solutions that guarantee a successful journey, from strategy to implementation, integration and continued support;
  • custom flows thanks to extensive know-how on how to integrate kontent.ai with other applications;
  • close collaboration with your team to customize Kontent.ai to your specific requirements;
  • thorough knowledge of the MACH Alliance, of which Kontent.ai is a member.
  • 15 years of experience in business intelligence in numerous industries, delivering a solution that aligns perfectly with your business goals.

want to unleash the headless CMS' full potential?

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