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There is a large gap between the speed with which businesses demand new software applications and IT delivery capacity. To be able to be a disruptor in your industry, you need to be able to get new applications in the market as fast as possible, before your competitors beat you to it.

Enter Mendix, a market leader low-code application platform that enables enterprises to innovate and drive digital transformation. With an intuitive visual development environment and extensive feature set, Mendix enables organizations to rapidly create, deploy, and manage custom applications with minimal coding.

Why is Mendix valuable for your business?

Accelerated development

Mendix speeds up the application development process significantly by providing visual interfaces and pre-built components. This allows you to create applications in less time than with traditional coding methods.

Increased productivity

Mendix fosters collaboration between professional developers and citizen developers, increasing productivity across the organization. Business users with little to no coding experience can build applications, freeing up IT resources for more complex tasks.

Cost saving

By streamlining development processes and reducing the need for extensive custom coding, Mendix lowers development and maintenance costs, as well as requires less resources for training and support.

Agility and flexibility

Mendix allows enterprises to quickly adapt to changing business requirements and market conditions. Its flexibility allows for rapid iteration and evolution of applications, ensuring businesses can stay ahead in today's fast-paced digital landscape.

You can use Mendix for:

  • Enterprise application development
  • Digital transformation initiatives
  • Business process automation
  • Legacy system modernization

This translates into these use cases:

  • Business partner portals, leveraging the data of your ERP and CRM to display everything at one place.
  • Shopfloor extensions that focus on user experience for your operators, process engineers, quality managers, ...
  • Edge devices that need a tailored application on top to manage the gathered data, such as cameras, sensors, weighbridges, ... 
  • Custom enterprise applications such as standalone business processes or business processes that are fully integrated in your IT landscape.
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Why choose delaware?

delaware has built a team of certified Mendix experts that can help you reach your business goals. Furthermore, delaware can be your one-stop-shop when it comes to digitalization. We are a well-known Microsoft partner and an SAP Platinum Partner. Our low-code and automation solutions are supported by teams that have over 15 years of experience in UI & UX design, traditional mobile & web development, SAP & Microsoft Dynamics development, integration, software & system solutions and much more.

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