MuleSoft integration platform

MuleSoft integration platform

Play it your way with the leading composable integration platform

MuleSoft is a powerful integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solution that increases productivity, lowers costs, and reduces time to market. As part of the Salesforce family, MuleSoft brings together all your best-in-breed tools and systems to help you unlock the power of collaboration and automation.

Gartner has recognized MuleSoft as a leader in its Magic Quadrant™ for iPaaS and Full Life Cycle API Management 8 times in a row. As strong points, Gartner’s report mentions the platform’s “scaled-up global focus and scaled down local focus.” The consulting firm also praises MuleSoft’s ability to deliver easy-to-use technology that saves time, increases productivity, and enables great experiences through unparalleled integration, APIs, and automation.

What is an integration platform or iPaaS? 

An integration platform is a software solution that facilitates the seamless connection and communication between various systems, applications, and data sources within an organization. As a centralized hub, it orchestrates data flows, automates business processes, and enables real-time information exchange between different software and hardware components. Most integration platforms offer a range of tools, connectors, and APIs to simplify the integration process and ensure efficient data sharing and interoperability. This allows businesses to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and make better decisions based on data. 

Integration and automation for all

With a track record of delivering robust solutions that empower organizations to connect, automate, and thrive in today's digital landscape, MuleSoft remains a trusted partner for businesses of all sizes. From IT departments to business teams, the platform offers three (standalone) integration and automation solutions that cater to every need. 

Anypoint platform

A comprehensive toolset for integration, APIs, and automation aimed at IT teams.

MuleSoft RPA

An advanced Robotic process automation solution that helps eliminate manual tasks and processes.


MuleSoft’s low-code integration solution, designed to empower business teams. 

MuleSoft transforms composable architecture from a lofty vision into an achievable goal.
Cedric Schepens, senior integration consultant at delaware

Selected features and benefits


  • API-led connectivity allows you to design, build, and manage APIs in a modular and reusable manner. 
  • Anypoint Studio simplifies the creation of integration flows and provides pre-built connectors and templates.
  • API management capabilities enable you to secure, monitor, and analyze APIs. 
  • Hybrid integration features means you can connect cloud-based and on-premises applications and systems seamlessly. 


  • Accelerated integration thanks to visual design tools and pre-built connectors. 
  • Quickly adapt to changing business requirements thanks to MuleSofts API-led and modular approach. 
  • Get valuable insights into the performance and usage of integrations thanks to real-time monitoring and analytics. 
  • Protect your data and APIs and remain compliant with regulatory requirements thanks to MuleSoft’s robust authentication, authorization, and encryption features.
  • Save costs thanks to streamlined integration processes, reduced development time, and reusability features.

MuleSoft x delaware: frustration-free integration

“At delaware, our core belief around integration is that it should make your life easier, not more complex,” explains Cedric Schepens, senior integration consultant at delaware. “To make this possible, connections need to be set up as transparent as possible. And that’s exactly what MuleSoft does.” 

“To ensure our customers get the most out of the MuleSoft platform, we’ve assembled an in-house team of seasoned experts who have built up their experience with SAP and Microsoft technology first. This unique combination gives them a fresh perspective on integration and steers us safely away from tunnel vision.” 

We cast our net wide beyond integration solutions as well. Our goal is always to cover the end-to-end of your project as much as possible: from strategic advice in architectural decisions to coding. And thanks to our technical expertise and industry experience, we can deliver on that commitment without fail.

The aim is to generate as much value as possible with the available resources. In the case of MuleSoft, that means keeping future reuse in mind as well.
Cedric Schepens, senior integration consultant at delaware

Cedric Schepens

Senior integration consultant

Connect with Cedric via LinkedIn

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