Embed security into your applications from end to end

Did you know? The global average cost of a data breach in 2023 was a record high of 4.07 million euros.

Application security is a huge cybersecurity attack vector – and a significant blind spot for most organizations. The upcoming NIS2 cybersecurity framework and other legislation will soon hold companies responsible for proving that their IT and application security is watertight.

Do you know where your organization stands when it comes to its application security posture? If the answer to this question isn’t a solid ‘yes’, delaware’s partnership with Veracode offers you everything needed to embed security into the full application development lifecycle, for data privacy, a futureproof cyberthreat response, and peace of mind.

Veracode seamlessly fuses security and development, recognizing potential vulnerabilities from both sides of the equation. That holistic perspective is a huge advantage.
Wouter Hemeryck, security and architecture expert at delaware

Intelligent tooling, actionable insights

Veracode’s powerful cloud-based software application security capabilities cover the entire software development lifecycle, from planning and designing applications to coding to testing them. The VeracodeFix AI-infused static analysis feature scans application code and third-party libraries for flaws, sends alerts, and automatically recommends actions to resolve potential vulnerabilities.

  • Get near-instantaneous application security feedback – and discover both areas for improvement as well as problems you avoided through strong practices.
  • Analyze code in small batches as soon as it’s introduced, sidestepping future issues.
  • Guarantee code excellence before integration and pre-production testing.

Why choose delaware?

The collaboration between Veracode and delaware goes beyond application security tooling. In tandem with Veracode, our development and security teams help your organization set up a comprehensive software development lifecycle management and vendor assessment program built around application security.

On top of Veracode’s dynamic features, delaware offers deep expertise to organizations, guiding development professionals in best practices and driving rich collaboration between your security and development teams. We size our team based on your unique needs and internal and external capabilities through tailored support packages.

Benefit from expert security coaching and consulting as you embark on your application security journey.

  • Gain reliable, in-depth insights and findings from Veracode through our deep-dive interpretation.
  • We’ll assist in setting up automated application onboarding steps to ensure that the next 15 applications take a fraction of the time/effort as the first.
  • Our Veracode-experienced program and project managers work closely with your dev team to organize recommendations into work items.

This partnership brings you an experienced sidekick and sounding board with both the development and the landscape-wide security knowhow to blast through bottlenecks with expert workarounds, tailored app choices, and advice.

Our services

Review of tailor-made software

  • Threat model and risk assessment
  • Architecture review
  • Review of code (manual and tool based)
  • Review of infrastructure components (IaC based)
  • Review of attack surface

VAST & Supply chain

  • Establishing a baseline on Vendor Application Security Testing
  • Establishing a baseline on Software Composition Analysis
  • Effort and license estimations

Secure SDLC

  • Establishing a baseline on secure software development lifecycle
  • Establishing a baseline on Software Composition Analysis
  • Effort and license estimations
  • Extendable with developer and management training

ready for lean, innovative and secure IT?

Wouter Hemeryck, security and architecture expert

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