Business Applications

Business Applications

Harness smart solutions for future-proof operations

Customer Experience

We are customer obsessed at the core and on a constant quest for value. We deliver end-to-end services for the digital era so that your customer can connect. read more


Discover what next-gen ERP solutions, powered by new technologies like cloud, IoT, mobile, AI and advanced analytics, can mean for your business. read more

Field Services

Learn how to turn field service costs into profit with tools that help you boost productivity, cut costs, drive customer loyalty and win new business. read more

Information Management

Digitizing and interlinking unstructured information drives sustainable growth. Discover delaware’s holistic approach to information management. read more

Intelligent Spend

This strategic approach enables companies to gain insight into their spending and make better decisions about their procurement processes and suppliers. read more
Today we have a hands-on and realistic roadmap - we know exactly what we need to do to solve our challenges – today and in the future

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