Intelligent Spend

Intelligent Spend Management: an integrated approach to all your purchasing-related expenses

This integrated way of thinking about spending is called Intelligent Spend Management and is an approach in which the management of all purchasing-related expenditure is approached in a cohesive, integrated way. 

At delaware we set up an environment in which direct and indirect expenses, declarations and the hiring of external parties are supported in a smart way with modern technology. In addition, we ensure streamlined, standardized processes in which much, if not everything, is handled digitally. For administrative staff this means, for example, that they no longer have to focus on processing all transactions, but can concentrate on the exceptions. And that means for buyers that they can spend less time on administrative work and more time on the more strategic aspects.

This creates an integrated, intelligent experience that encourages rather than enforces compliance. You ensure clear, transparent processes that are valued by both ordinary users and purchasing professionals.

Within the portfolio of Intelligent Spend Management we offer the following five solutions:

SAP Ariba

Fully streamline the source-to-contract and purchase-to-pay process with SAP Ariba

SAP Invoice Management

Process every incoming invoice flawlessly with SAP Invoice Management by OpenText

SAP Concur

Expense management or automate declarations and settle them smoothly with SAP Concur Expense

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Use a robot to optimize your purchase-to-pay process with RPA

In 2019, delaware was the proud winner of the SAP Partner Awards – SAP Intelligent Spend Management Partner of the Year!
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Ralph Jansen

Intelligent Spend expert