OpenText Extended ECM

OpenText Extended ECM

delaware, your partner for document management

How do you manage the excessive number of documents in your organisation? delaware is expert in document management and is ready to guide you to get a grip on your information flows. We do this with OpenText Extended ECM. We advise and implement a logical document management system that saves time, supports processes, and simplifies tasks. In doing so, we help you to maximise the value of your business information.

For our clients, OpenText Extended ECM serves as the integrated centrepiece of their digital strategy. No matter the challenge, we are here to assist your organisation.

These scenarios sound familiar to you…

Information silos

Valuable, scattered data

From procurement and production, to delivery and maintenance: an exciting but extensive process that involves a lot of data. How do you share information across departments? 

360-degree customer view

Optimising client relationships

You understand the importance of knowing your customers. However, customer information often becomes fragmented across systems and departments, resulting in a lack of a complete customer view. You are seeking a solution to centralise all customer information for a 360-degree overview, allowing you to respond to customer needs more effectively.

Process monitoring

Tracking orders

Tracking orders and deliveries can be complex during busy periods or in case of absences. Therefore, you are looking for a way to quickly review and monitor appointments with customers and suppliers.

Why OpenText Extended ECM?

OpenText Extended ECM provides guidance in the following situations:

  • To provide excellent service to a customer, you should always know what was agreed upon.
    → You have access to a 360-degree customer view. 
  • When onboarding a new employee, you don’t want to store the same data in five different systems.
    → There is one single source of the truth.
  • When a driver arrives to deliver material, you want to be able to see at a glance what was ordered, and what was delivered to whom.
    → You retain control over information that goes beyond systems.

In a nutshell, it is crucial to harmonise information flows with the work processes of every team member. A centralised and fully integrated document management system grants employees visibility and understanding throughout the entire process. That’s one of the reasons why we are big fans of OpenText Extended ECM.

Why are we big fans of OpenText Extended ECM?

OpenText Extended ECM integrates with your favourite business applications, such as SAP, Microsoft 365 or Salesforce. By bringing together content and processes, the cloud-native software provides access to information wherever and whenever it is needed. We have known Extended ECM for over 15 years. Over these years, we have seen the system evolve and optimise, allowing businesses to gain even more control over their information overload. With centralised content management, information is no longer a challenge but an opportunity. As a result, OpenText Extended ECM leads to better business decisions and higher operational productivity.

Enhanced document control 

The document management system centralises all your digital content, ensuring compliance with regulations (ISO, GDPR), and enabling seamless collaboration. OpenText Extended ECM can be directly integrated into your standard applications, eliminating the need for users to switch between different systems but always in the same familiar interface. Moreover, OpenText Extended ECM offers workflows that make content search as effortless as using Google to find information.

Why partner with delaware for document management?

We have built over 15 years of expertise in document management using OpenText. The result? We are a certified partner collaborating with OpenText to further develop the software. Moreover, enterprise business processes hold no secrets for us, and we possess industry-specific knowledge. Besides the OpenText ecosystem, we have profound  knowledge of ERP and CRM packages such as Microsoft, SAP and HR software. Our knowledge and experience helps you gain insight and control over content, thus increasing the value of your information. You can rely on us: we commit, we deliver.

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