Microsoft Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps

App creation, reimagined

With Microsoft Power Apps, the realm of app development is democratized, enabling every member of your team to swiftly and effortlessly create low-code applications, regardless of their prior experience. This accessibility translates into substantial cost savings on development expenses while unlocking a world of possibilities for achieving more.

delaware's integration of this powerful and scalable platform into your business operations presents a prudent and budget-conscious approach to accelerating application development. By leveraging Power Apps, your organization can expedite the creation process, requiring fewer resources and minimizing associated costs. This strategic implementation ensures that your business stays ahead of the curve, driving innovation and efficiency without breaking the bank.

Delaware Power Apps

Effortless application development

Transforming app development, Power Apps enables your team to build sophisticated apps for any business requirements; within days - no coding experience needed.

  • Feature-full templates, drag-and-drop functionality and AI co-pilot assistance allow for simple, swift app creation and deployment. Once launched, your app can be continuously developed with any necessary enhancements.
  • The revolutionary ‘express design’ tool can automatically generate low-code Power Apps from documents, as well as AI image processing of sketches and wireframes. You can now simply capture a hand-drawn app concept and watch Power Apps materialise your creation.
  • For advanced utilisation, facilitate extensibility by offering developers the necessary tools to effortlessly broaden the app's functionalities, through the integration of Azure Functions and custom connectors.
Optimise your data

Optimise and protect your data

Establish a competitive edge by streamlining your data, for advantageous clarity and visibility to identify key insights, and uncover opportunities, made possible with Power Apps extensive catalogue of (over 500) connectors.

As part of Power Platform, Power Apps is supported by Microsoft Azure compliance and governance capabilities – ensuring continuous security and governance updates, for your peace of mind.

Tailored to meet your business objectives

Whether you're looking to adopt, enhance, or integrate Power Apps with other Microsoft products, our team of experienced consultants offer custom solutions that cater to your unique business needs. Providing thorough guidance and support to ensure your success.

Confidently navigate the world of low-code development and unlock the full potential of Power Apps with delaware. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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