delaware's ChangeHub: a quick start guide to implementing change in your organization

Apr 16, 2024
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Change is inevitable, but managing it effectively is not always easy. Whether you are implementing a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool, or initiating any other transformation project, you need a solid change management strategy to ensure the success and sustainability of your initiative. The ChangeHub, a plug-and-play change management portal, could be the solution.

Addressing the main challenges

  • How do you build change management awareness and skills in your organization?
  • How do you create a common and proven change management approach that brings clarity and simplicity?
  • And how do you avoid working on an island, fostering a change community instead?

These are questions we frequently hear from our clients. Often, change managers are brought on board for a specific project, but once the project concludes, all that knowledge is lost. Alternatively, there may be multiple change managers across various projects within an organization, each employing their own methods, occasionally causing confusion among employees.

And what about the internal change manager? Once appointed, a new change manager is typically overwhelmed with a plethora of projects and questions, leaving no time for reflection and the development of a solid methodology. Does this sound familiar?

delaware's ChangeHub

Receiving change templates and the manuals on how to use them could feel like the frustrating act of assembling furniture. That's why start-up support and training are elementary for helping you on your first steps in your change management journey.  

delaware developed its ChangeHub to help you. The ChangeHub is a plug-and-play portal, consisting of proven and tested methodology, templates, and practical examples - based on many years of experience. Why reinvent the wheel if you can reuse best practices and proven methodologies?

delaware provides you with the necessary coaching, ranging from how to use the change templates and how to enrich them with your content, to support in embedding change management on a more strategic level, with a clear purpose and vision.

Next to that, there's the ability to add change management training into the mix, allowing your organization's change community to get up to speed quickly and/or allowing your leadership to become more aware of how to best deal with change and resistance.

Benefits of the ChangeHub

Why did we create a ChangeHub, and how can it add value for your organization?

  • You leverage a ready-made and proven change management approach that has been tested and refined for many years.
  • You avoid confusion and inconsistency by having a clear and shared framework that everyone can follow and understand.
  • You foster collaboration and knowledge sharing among your colleagues and create a sense of belonging and recognition.
  • You lay the foundations for a more strategic change management function in your organization, with a clear vision and governance that aligns with your business objectives and culture.
  • You get coached to become a more change mature organization.

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