Elixir ComOps

Elixir ComOps


From drafting to delivery, the Elixir ComOps platform enables self-service for enterprise customer communications. 

Elixir is a cloud-based platform that streamlines and optimizes your communications workflow. The platform is user-friendly, customizable, and built to enable collaboration between stakeholders while executing your communications strategy. 

Elixir continues to be a Customer Choice on Gartner Peer Insights for Customer Communication Management since 2020.

Optimize Omnichannel Customers Engagement

Elixir enables real time engagement in both digital and physical modes, so you can connect with your customers on any channel they use. That’s one platform for SMS, social media, email, print mail, etc.

Get your collateral to market Quickly. Cloud-speed and optimized workflows mean you can respond quickly to market forces and regulatory demands, at any time in the content lifecycle, keeping your enterprise meaningfully engaged. 

One tool, countless possibilities

The Elixir ComOps platform is dynamic. It supports every aspect of creating and managing critical customer communications. Elixir integrates with existing technologies like Microsoft Office and Adobe, enabling functionality across the business process. 

  • Design
    • Elixir gets you to market faster by simplifying asset production and enabling automation for large-scale strategies.
  • Manage
    • Elixir centralizes governance and generates reports for transparency. Communications strategies can be fine-tuned in real-time. 
  • Configure
    • The Elixir platform is customizable to every user. Team members only see the work they need to do and have the tools they need to succeed. 
A platform that adapts to your needs for a more efficient workflow and scalable results.

The Elixir ComOps difference

No Software & No Infrastructure

Elixir is a cloud-based platform. Users can access work securely from anywhere with an internet connection. 

Agile & Integrable 

Elixir integrates with business applications, like MS Office, for user-friendly interfaces and easy implementation. Individual user interfaces are customizable, so team members are connected to the tools they need to do their job without exposing the organization to risk or additional costs.

Open API 

Ensures Elixir’s agility across new and traditional channels of engagement. Elixir integrates seamlessly with systems of record for current and future business objectives.

Designed for Self-Sufficiency 

Elixir enables advanced content management and centralized governance to ensure compliance and quality. Customizable business rules automate the business process for scalable results.

Composable Authoring Process 

A ‘drag & drop’ development environment, content libraries, and smart templates make the authoring process faster and more efficient. These processes can then be automated. Smart automation tools and centralized governance make large-scale changes possible in real-time to address market and regulatory needs.  

No-Code Application Development 

Easily manage your whole process, individual resources, and specific business requirements through a user-friendly interface. Elixir also generates full reports for auditability in real-time. These can be triggered or scheduled. 

Point-to-Point Collaboration 

Users and stakeholders can create autonomous paths for real-time collaboration, enabling better team cohesion and faster delivery. 

End-to-End Customer Communications

Elixir ComOps supports every user involved in the customer communications lifecycle. The platform unites product and marketing teams, subject matter experts, technical specialists, designers, content creators, developers, and frontline employees who work directly with end customers. 

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