Project Recovery

Project Recovery

A proven track record in project recovery and delivery

Get your System Integration (SI) project back on track with Delaware. Wherever you are in your project lifecycle, we'll help you bring back its momentum. 

We have considerable experience in delivering end-to-end digital transformations utilising a range of solutions. We are a truly independent organisation, committed to developing long-lasting client relationships, built on a culture of collaboration and transparency. 

We pride ourselves on being a local team, with global reach: we're big enough to deliver, but small enough to care.

We commit. We deliver.

Whatever stage your project is at, we will bring its momentum back.
We’ll help you realise your project goals through decades of experience and knowhow.

Tackling data challenges

Data can pose major problems during an SI project. If you're having concerns about your business data, our experienced team have the solution to get you back on track:

  • Realistic timelines: if the time required to clean data ready for deployment was underestimated – we’ll reset it and define a new, realistic timeframe to get your data cleanse back on track
  • Effective data cleansing: if data has come from disparate (offline) sources, is in a myriad of formats, or has been unhelpfully manipulated – our experts will help you get it pulled together
  • Assigning ownership: If you're struggling with a lack of internal data ownership and transparency of progress – we’ll get a structure in place and ensure ownership is properly assigned

Recalibrating team dynamics

Team dynamics often require refining to get a project running smoothly again. By sensitively recalibrating team structure, tweaking the initial mix of resource, experience or expertise and enabling a “one team” mentality, your team will collaborate effectively and make great progress. We’ll guide you towards better outcomes by helping you thoroughly understand your product and implementation methodology. 

  • We'll identify the ultimate project sponsor and leverage their engagement
  • We'll ensure you have a visible, accountable project leader, with a fully defined remit
  • We'll build and honour a culture of transparency and plain talking that helps you address any intra-team challenges


Ensuring successful adoption

Our robust processes regularly achieve rapid “go-live adoption”, a quicker return to standard operations, and quicker realisation of operational excellence. Rapid system adoption and very low error rates could be your reality - you just need the right tools and implementation strategy.

Our experts have helped customers achieve adoption rates of 80% in week one, rising to 88% by week four, with a very low volume of help desk tickets. But - take your foot off the pedal just a little - and errors and user issues soon begin to creep in. So we recommend a continual approach to operational excellence.     

You’ll get better return on your investment if adoption and operational excellence forms part of your project and post go-live strategy from the outset. Where this is not the case and issues arise, we’ll increase your adoption rates and get your project back on track.

A winning strategy

For best adoption success, our strategy is simple but effective:

  • Appreciate exactly what your business needs to do at “go-live”
  • Fully enable your project team and people
  • Deliver user specific, easily consumed training
  • Understand and measure go-live adoption KPIs and respond rapidly to any growing issues

We rapidly identify the root cause of your operational adoption problems using our long running relationships with a range of leading software solution providers.

Our Project Recovery Team

Our Project Recovery Team is highly skilled when it comes to getting projects back on track. Combined with decades of experience, they have:

  • An exceptional track record in advising conglomerates and leading national organisations worldwide 
  • An innate understanding of creating strong and productive dynamics between onshore and offshore teams
  • Considerable experience of all stages of implementation projects, including profitable delivery  
  • A large range of client industries including blue chip life science, CPG, high-tech, retail, and chemicals 
  • Custom application implementation experience to ensure our clients implement the perfect fit for their business
  • A deep understanding of strategic and operational implementation requirements that help clients navigate the most complex of IT-enabled transformations
  • Experience in the delivery of a multi-vendor, multi-system, multi-contract engagement resulting in one of the most complex ERP system builds in the UK with minimal business impact and low volume of defects post go-live 

If your project is losing momentum or you're concerned about the direction it's going in, speak to our team.