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Accelerate your sustainability journey

Sustainability is becoming increasingly intertwined with many departments, such as operations and finance, in every organisation. Consisting of the three pillars of economy, society and environment (also known as profit, people and planet), sustainability is increasingly considered a ‘top priority’ by companies of all sizes, with 55% of businesses claiming that sustainability is important to them.

Not only is sustainability imperative to ensuring compliance, but sustainable business practices can give organisations a competitive advantage, secure stakeholder investments, and attract and retain customers. 

Break down the barriers preventing consistent and compliant ESG reporting

As the clock ticks on the climate crisis, organisations roll up their sleeves to put sustainability into practice. And today, with a global focus on sustainability and regulations becoming increasingly tighter, many believe we have no choice. The good news: investing in sustainability pays off!  

In this eBook, we'll be exploring the challenges we're seeing organisations face on their path to sustainability. and defining the key blockers preventing them from achieving holistic reporting. 

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How to achieve eco-friendly operations

Operations are the backbone of any business, responsible for creating value, delivering quality, and ensuring efficiency. However, in today's world, businesses also face increasing pressure to be sustainable, meaning that they consider not only the economic, but the social and environmental impacts of their activities, too.  

This eBook explores how companies can achieve eco-friendly operations by addressing common challenges, adopting key sustainability considerations, and leveraging software tools and best practices.   

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Strategies for a greener future

Manufacturing in a sustainable way is both an ethical obligation and a strategic advantage. By adopting sustainable practices, manufacturing companies can cut costs, enhance efficiency, improve quality, and gain a market edge. Furthermore, they can satisfy the rising demand of consumers who are increasingly seeking products that are environmentally friendly.

This eBook offers practical advice on how to integrate sustainability into manufacturing processes. It addresses key sustainability issues and challenges, and the steps and strategies that business leaders need to adopt.

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An introduction to the green data lake approach

Looking for a quick introduction to the green data lake approach?

Sven Arnauts, Senior Manager and Board Member at Delaware, discusses why the green data lake approach is extremely interesting to businesses who are really driving a strategic initiative on realising their sustainability goals. 

Find out more about how Delaware can support your sustainability journey

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