Beverage industry

Beverage industry

New challenges, new technologies

In the beverage industry, new technologies breed new challenges as customers adopt new purchasing channels.

At the same time, quality control and safety regulations are as stringent as ever. In short, it takes a lot of expertise and experience to stay afloat in the current beverage landscape – but data-driven insights could help a lot as welll.

water is the world's most consumed drink, however, 97% of water on Earth is non-drinkable salt water

New technologies new challenges

Under the influence of new technologies, customer behaviour is changing continuously. In the beverage industry as well, e-commerce is rapidly gaining traction and poised for explosive growth in the next decade. To keep up with these developments, beverage companies need to adopt new technologies and start experimenting with new channels.

Product quality and safety

Quality control is paramount throughout the entire production process, from the intake of raw materials to shipping. These include measuring temperature, checking formulations, or detecting undesired substances.

Same product different packages

In a highly competitive retail market, beverage brands are always looking for new ways to entice and excite their customers. Packaging plays an important role in making a product stand out, e.g. in terms of sustainability and ‘premiumness’. With design trends and experimentation the order of the day, being able to quickly switch packaging in production gives beverage manufacturers a clear advantage over competition.

from premium and sustainable packaging to the adoption of e-commerce channels: companies in the beverage industry need to adopt to changing market dynamics faster than ever – and digital tools can help

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