A transformative approach for a dynamic industry

Ensuring fresh, high-quality products, transparent supply chains and high sales figures require a transformative approach to your dairy business.

The dairy industry is dynamic – and not simply because of the wide diversity of end products. Prices fluctuate dramatically over shorts periods of time, dairy alternatives continue to gain traction, and consumers are ever more sustainability minded.

Coping with – and thriving on – rapidly changing supply and demand

Dairy prices can fluctuate dramatically within very short periods. The abolition of the milk quota and the introduction of the Phosphate Act have impacted the number of cows managed per dairy farm – and thus, the supply of milk. Dealing with and capitalizing on this dynamic environment requires real-time data and the ability to respond to changes in an agile way.

Investing in the relationship with your farmers is investing in your future

The close relation between you as a producer and the farmers is unique. The farmers responsibility is the optimal management of the cows and other milk-producing livestock. He has control and oversight over milk production. Using data-driven insights and IoT sensors, invest in your relation can improve insights in quality and supplydemand, maximize margins, avoid unnecessary losses, ensure optimal nutrition and provide the care needed to offer the highest-quality milk products to picky consumers.

Focus on operational excellence

From one raw material, many different finished or semi-finished products can result, from milk powder and milk to desserts, cheese and butter. As a company producing many types of products, keeping production flows separate is essential to maintaining an accurate overview of your business and guaranteeing freshness.

future-focused dairy management involves the application of intelligent digital solutions that provide actionable data insights, optimize livestock management and support operational excellence

delaware offers unique solutions to the food industry

Our experts have in-depth knowledge of your industry and the challenges your business is facing.

By combining our business insights with leading-edge approaches, digital tools and accelerators crafted in house specifically for companies in food industry segments, we can help you transform your processes and take efficiency, transparency, sustainability and profitability to new heights.