Remain competitive, innovate faster and meet demands of the automotive industry

Effectively managing automotive business-specific processes (JIT, JIS, returnable packaging, ...) and mastering the relevant tools and standards (EDI, RF, RFID, labeling, traceability, …) are key to facilitating stakeholder interaction and increasing efficiency and competitiveness.

In a true long-term partnership model, delaware's FAST-Automotive will guide and inspire automotive players who are shaping the future of mobility. 

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Supply challenges

Compliance, flexibility, and innovation are key to growing market share. How can you reconcile the operational constraints of a highly standardized sector with the need to become more competitive and innovate faster?

Challenges for manufacturers

A rapidly evolving industry demands that you shorten your development cycles, simplify complex and cost-intensive systems, and make a shift to digital.

Challenges for distributors

The car sales business is also rapidly evolving, mixing traditional approaches with clever innovation.

Our solution for suppliers, manufacturers and dealers  

Designed specifically for the automotive industry, FAST-Automotive is a preconfigured and certified SAP solution to support the manufacturing and logistics processes of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive suppliers, OEMs and dealers. It harnesses the power of SAP and allows you to comply with all the sector’s best practices and adopt lean production principles.


FAST-Automotive: our ERP template for the automotive industry

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