Leveraging SAP S/4HANA to power your strategic objectives

State of the Energy Industry

World oil markets are rebalancing after the pandemic and an unprecedented collapse in demand in 2020, they may never return to "normal." Raw materials and energy are becoming scarcer, driving prices up, and the call for greater sustainability has never been louder. This, combined with supply chain challenges and other economic restrictions, require a more agile approach for logistics and operations. An approach where technology will play a key part to help enable this ability and provide the right quality of information and support.

Market pressure, volatility, increasing legislative and environmental pressure requires that the Energy Industry needs to operate in a more stable, efficient and effective way. Maximizing the performance of the supporting assets is a crucial element of this. Enabling assets themselves are sustainable or operate using the least amount of energy, operate to their maximum potential are key factors in this drive for efficiency, safety and compliance.

Strategic Objectives to Address the Challenges

To address these industry challenges, we believe every Energy business needs to pursue these 8 strategic objectives:

  • Operating cost reduction
  • Increase reliability & reduce lost production
  • Generate accurate real time information
  • Improve operational visibility
  • Reduce training cost & improve systems utilization
  • Improve contractor management and information sharing
  • Procurement efficiency & predictability
  • Building sustainability into the business

Process Improvements: End to end connection from source to customer

To address the strategic objectives, there here are 4 business process improvements leaders can focus on, built on a robust SAP S/4HANA platform to enable the processes.

  • Procurement: right parts at the right time with the right costs
  • Projects & planning: Predictability and visibility across all Maintenance and Project work
  • Scheduling: Pro-active scheduled work loading, and risk based PM order scheduling
  • Work execution: Operation cost management. Planned vs actual costs, and PM compliance

To achieve this, the right culture, people, process and technology needs to be put in place. delaware aligns with industry best practices to help energy organizations re-work their existing solution or transition to an optimized solution.

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