Supply Chain & Procurement

Supply Chain & Procurement

Improve supply chain visibility and decision-making

A comprehensive SAP Digital Supply Chain solution is critical for energy companies due to the various key processes that must be supported. 

Having such a solution is even more critical given the supply chain's disruptions being felt on a global scale, driving higher costs and longer lead times. It has never been more important to have a fully integrated solution that provides improvements across real time visibility, sourcing options, collaboration between OEM’s and service providers, regulatory compliance, asset management and ultimately reduced risk to the business.

Volatile market dynamics are impacting energy companies at all levels

  • Complex global supply chains involving multiple providers of goods and services.
  • Volatile prices, geopolitical influences and changing demand patterns.
  • Minimizing downtime of assets and maximizing throughput.
  • Difficulty sourcing materials impacts inventory levels due to self-preservation.
  • Managing demand forecasting through fluctuating markets. 

Helping energy companies solve supply chain challenges

At delaware, we partner with you from end to end:

  • Focused assessments to identify improvement opportunities and a roadmap for success.
  • A fully integrated solution design that provides information to support key decisions. 
  • Enhanced business solutions through BTP to ensure 3rd party data is integrated, automated, and optimized.
  • Data management to provide a clean source of truth and improved analytics.
  • Mobilizing warehouse management teams to build efficiencies across receiving, issuing, and cycle counting.
  • Advanced business solutions such as EWM and IBP to manage more complex supply chain scenarios and reporting.

Addressing the complexity of supply chain challenges

  • Provides real time visibility from sourcing to delivery.
  • Decrease sourcing costs by leveraging the right suppliers.
  • Provides sourcing options and minimizes delivery times.
  • Reduced inventory outages while maintaining optimal levels of inventory.
  • Increase forecast accuracy with improved analytics.
  • Build efficiencies in the workforce across all warehousing functions through mobility.
  • Improve on-time delivery to improve scheduling of project and maintenance activities.
  • Managing logistics from onshore to offshore operations with full tracking

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