Getting to know our juniors: the recent edition

Jan 11, 2017

Over the last 5 articles, we have introduced you to all our juniors. We did this by inviting them to share pictures of their travels, hobbies, pets, pictures from their past and snapshots with their favorite colleaguesTo end this series, we have widened our scope a bit and asked the juniors to show us a picture they recently took and tell us the story behind it.

While at Delaware, we have values and beliefs everyone shares, we also encourage diversity. Take a look to find out these new Delawareans’ variety of backgrounds and interests!


I love to travel to and explore new places. Especially with the people I love and care about, like my girlfriend. She actually took this very picture, on top of the Palazzo Vecchio during our trip to Florence.


In my free time, I like to exercise – I play badminton and go for a run once in a while. 

Apart from that, I love to travel and go out for an adventure with my girlfriend, especially to Scandinavian countries. We traveled to Norway last year.


This is me together with my poodle Mozart. Next to cycling and walking, dog training is one of the hobbies in which I invest quite a lot of time. What I like about it is the satisfaction it gives me when, after a long time, hard work finally pays off.

I really appreciate it when the time I invest in something results in concrete, tangible things. This is what I seek in a job as a consultant as well: making a difference and seeing the results of what I do.


This picture represents how enthusiastic I get about discovering new things. I am always looking forward to experiencing new adventures. It all started in Granada (Spain) where I grew up, and then my path took me to Lyon (France) where I had an amazing international experience. After that, I decided to continue my trip to Ghent with Delaware. 

A new country, new language, new job, new colleagues, and a new house – I strongly believe that facing the unknown with a smile is the best way to keep going.


This summer, I bungee-jumped from the 216m-tall Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa. This is the highest bridge bungee in the world. Taking the plunge was a real challenge and the feeling afterwards was incredible. 

For me, starting to work at Delaware is a challenge too, and I’m excited to experience this adventure.


This picture was taken right after the Wings for Life World Run in May 2016. I had just finished 25 kilometers of running and this must have been the last smile I had left after a tough race. I had suffered from an ankle injury in January, but still surpassed my goal of running 21 kilometers just a few months later. This event was a great experience, one I would really like to repeat (and beat!) next year. Above all, it really embodied my goal-oriented approach to life. No matter what the obstacles are, my winning mentality always tends to get the better of me!


This is a picture of me on top of the Alp Muntatsch (2139m) in Switzerland last summer. Together with my good friend Steven, I reached the top by mountain bike after a ride of 3.4km, with a slope of 12%, which was a challenge for both of us. Steven is a well-trained athlete, but I am distinctly less so. However, thanks to his cheerleading and my will to complete what I start, I reached the top in 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

And that is who I am: with the support of others I can outdo myself.


In the beginning, they said to us Delaware is like a family. While that sounded nice, I was still a bit skeptical. However, in the first weeks of our training, this became very clear to me. With a couple of starters we went for a drink in Ghent like we had all known each other for years, and the family feeling went even further after training, when we were fully accepted as true Delawarians.


I recently returned from a 3-week road trip to South Africa that turned out to be amazing. I was accompanied by 2 good friends who had already been there and knew the lay of the land. Starting out in Johannesburg we went to Drakensberg, Hluhluwe park, Cradock, Franschhoek and finally.. Cape Town (see picture, Table Mountain). We saw hippos grazing in the streets, dolphins swimming alongside surfers, helped a tortoise cross the highway and so much more.

From the beauty of the landscape to the poverty in the townships, this was an eye-opening experience.


Paraguay, tenés que sentirlo!

In February, I did volunteer work for 6 weeks in Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, where I lived with a warm-hearted host family. After I found out that we shared the same passion for football, I invited my host and his dad to a Copa Libertadores game between their favorite local team in the national football stadium to thank them for taking such good care of me. The atmosphere, with continuous singing of the local supporters, gave me goosebumps. A special memory with people close to my heart!


This is a picture of me when I was traveling in Germany. You can see me trying to face a mammoth and holding and pushing it back. This characterizes me, because I believe that one should always face problems head on, even mammoths. By facing a problem and not running, it will get solved quickly. Remember, mammoths are extinct. Coincidence? I think not.


I chose this picture because it represents an amazing memory I have of a great visit from a Catalan friend that I met while on Erasmus in Munich. Three years after Erasmus, we are still very good friends and in my opinion, that’s what Erasmus is all about. At the time of the picture, the weather was astonishingly good and we were able to explore some lovely places in Wallonia, this one being Chateau de la Hulpe. It’s one of the most beautiful places that I have seen.