Well-being amid COVID

Are you asking the right questions?

Do you really know if your employees are happy and ready for the return to work?

If you aren’t tracking your employee’s habits, happiness, and well-being, you are missing out on a rich data set which is vital to help take care of employees, sustain momentum and build a great future.

You need to be certain that you are managing employee well-being responsibly and monitoring the mental health of your teams. If you believe you are, how do you know that you are succeeding? Or more importantly, if you are failing!

To understand why things happen, you need to understand the thoughts and emotions of the people involved, this is called Experience Data (X-data). Join this webinar to understand how X-data is at the forefront of navigating the times we find ourselves in, and learn how delaware and SAP are enabling remote teams to be productive, connected, and as happy as possible.

You will learn:

  1. How technology can help you actively monitor X-data, (including well-being) in real-time, and enable leaders to be proactive in keeping employees happy
  2. How to minimize the risk of employees experiencing mental health challenges whilst working remotely and as they transition back to the office
  3. The practical actions that all responsible businesses must take in order to prepare for the return to work or adjust remote working policies
  4. How collaborative apps can boost productivity and keep disparate teams connected, minimizing the risk of Zoom fatigue.
  5. Why it's more important than ever for HR to get the basics right, and the technology needed for an effective digital approach

Date and time: June 30th 2020, 10:00 EST 

Location: Webinar 


Mike Theaker

VP, HR Advisory & Digital Transformation @ SAP