Lauterbach and delaware join forces to increase global footprint in Print & Packaging and grow SAP services in Germany

Dec 01, 2020
  • press release

Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH (LP.) joins the delaware partnership to deliver and implement leading SAP solutions in Germany and abroad. As a result, both companies grow their international footprint, as well as their portfolio of leading SAP industry templates. 

Lauterbach and delaware have agreed to exchange shares. delaware will receive a minority stake in Dr. Lauterbach & Partner, which in turn will obtain corresponding shares in delaware. With this transaction, Lauterbach joins the global consulting and software group while retaining its independence.  

Global presence boosts local investment

Lauterbach and delaware combine their unique ERP expertise and cross-industry knowledge to introduce the LP. Print & Packaging solution to all countries where delaware is present. By growing its global reach, this partnership increases its investment in the print and packaging industry and strengthens the Lauterbach presence in Zweibrücken in the long term. 

Together with the partners from delaware, the Lauterbach management wants to support customers better and more comprehensively in their digitization projects, incorporating the latest SAP technology and functionalities into their range of solutions, while improving service and support. Moreover, Lauterbach will gradually support delaware in roll-outs of international projects in Germany, thereby expanding delaware’s presence in the German market. 

As such, Lauterbach ensures long-term growth, attractive jobs and prosperity, a prerequisite for continuing to be a reliable and valued partner for its customers. “By joining the delaware family, Lauterbach offers its employees excellent perspectives and career opportunities, benefiting from delaware’s global presence,” says Michael Lauterbach, Director Sales and Business Development at Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH.

Best of both worlds

delaware, on the other hand, gains an important ally in the German SAP market. “Lauterbach’s knowledge of the local market allows delaware to create a German stronghold, while our complementary solutions expand our combined market reach”, says Eric Hiernaux, Managing Director at delaware International. “A knowledge and resource transfer from both sides are key to realize our shared vision for the future.” 

The unique Lauterbach IP and solution components also offer new possibilities and extra value in the ‘make-to-order’ manufacturing industry, in which delaware already is heavily present. Boris Zeller, Director Solution Management at Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH, wholeheartedly agrees: 

“Combining the know-how from delaware, with the strength of Lauterbach, our SAP solutions also benefit from cross industry experience and reinforce our international network. Moreover, Lauterbach can count on the delaware solution portfolio to support our sustainable growth in the German market.”


About Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH

Dr. Lauterbach & Partner GmbH (LP.) is a mid-sized software and consulting company based in Germany. Since 1992, the company has been implementing leading ERP solutions in Germany and around the globe. LP. creates ready-to-use Solution Components, based on SAP S/4HANA technology, for the “Make-to-Order” and “Engineer-to-Order” industry, with a special focus on the Print & Packaging world. Their solution portfolio ranges from ERP to MES components. Based on its track-record, LP. works in close cooperation with SAP on their strategic initiatives in the “mill industry”.