Change communication

Change communication

Want to improve your impact? Then improve your communication! 

Change communication: making sure your investment in change pays off

Change communication is about increasing the internal adoption of newly introduced services and solutions to maximize ROI and achieve your business goals.

Up to 70% of all change initiatives fail and result in lower productivity, time and money wasted, and employee turnover. One of the main reasons for that staggering failure rate? A lack of clear internal change communication. To ensure that your investment in change is a success, end-user training and change communication are simply indispensible.

Getting everyone on board

Modern companies are in a constant state of flux. Yet many people have trouble dealing with change. How do you get them on board? Making sure they understand what is happening and why, is your first step to success. That’s why communication is so vital. By communicating with people on a new technology project, you’ll enhance acceptance. Communication can also help you to improve the image of a certain department (IT, for example), bridge the gap between IT and the business, or strengthen the relationships within and between teams.


IT change communication: 

  • Increases user adoption of change programs
  • Improves the relationship between business and IT
  • Clarifies the role of IT
  • Encourages the correct use of a new tool or service (and thus helps you achieve your business goals).

Why, what, how 

Good change communication explains to stakeholders:

  • why the adjustment is happening;
  • what part it plays in the overall IT or digital strategy;
  • how it will benefit the company as a whole and make life easier for the average user.
Our change communication experts help companies get their message across internally

How we can help you

Our change communication experts help companies from all industries to get their message across internally. We set up a communication strategy, create creative concepts and messages, bring all those aspects together in a communication plan, and supervise the rollout of the campaign(s).

In close collaboration with your team, we develop the right messaging and communicate it by means of a communication kit, consisting of different assets using various communication channels.

Why choose delaware? 

  • We offer a structured approach
  • We offer end-to-end communication tracks from audit to delivery
  • We collaborate closely with your communications team
  • We have a specialized team of senior communication consultants specialized in IT marketing and communication

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