Value and security printing

Value and security printing

Sector-specific, pre-configured processes

Order acquisition processes

  • handling of enquiries
  • product cost calculation
  • pricing & quotations
  • customer / service orders

Materials management

  • procurement
  • stock management
  • batch units / handling units
  • administration of storage facilities
  • materials flow management
  • labels / batch identification flags

Planning processes

  • materials / capacity planning
  • third-party work
  • production planning
  • optimization of order sequencing
  • multistage manufacturing

Production / checkback

  • acquisition of production data
  • acquisition of machine data
  • electronic job folder
  • production batches
  • serialization of end products

Dispatch and invoicing

  • transport planning
  • invoicing of goods
  • invoicing of services
  • complaint management

Fixed asset accounting, cost-center accounting, projected and actual cost calculation, periodic performance statistics, profit and loss statement management reporting

  • fixed asset accounting
  • cost-center accounting
  • projected and actual cost calculation
  • periodic performance statistics
  • profit and loss statement
  • management reporting

Quality management

  • inspection planning
  • inspection assignments (goods-in, in-process, and final inspection)
  • inspection certificates
  • evaluations & analyses

Optional modules

  • personnel management
  • access control / time and motion
  • maintenance
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Specific processes and solution components


  • prepress EskoArtwork
  • PDF workflow
  • ink recipes
  • ink mixing systems
  • EskoArtwork Step & Repeat

Service processes

  • planning, supervision, and accounting of product development projects

Assessment of work in progress

  • special assessment procedures and profit and loss statement in case of long lead time


  • suggestions for target price and minumum price level in accordance with target contribution margins
  • planned earnings after determination of sales price

Cost calculation

  •  performance catalog of typical processes and machines with complications, interference factors and factors that may lead to reduced output
  • comprehensive set of standards for the calculation of wastage, setup time and output
    generation of products
  • maintenance of empirical knowledge
    automatic updates when costs change
  • calculation of freight and storage costs and services
  • calculation of optimal batches in manufacture

Paper procurement / storage

  • picking of banknote paper tranches
  • segregation and identification as setup and production paper
  • bar code batch identification
  • evidence of utilization and retracing, right back to individual sheets

Manufacturing aids

  • administration of printing formes
  • tool administration
  • evidence of utilization
    wear-and-tear checks
  • highest security level for the archiving, issue and return of manufacturing aids
  • handling of replacement tools
  • manufacture / maintenance

Flow of security materials

  • paperless tracking of batches and packages via forklift terminal
  • strongrooms and counting procedures
  • retracing and accounting for wastage right down to a single item