Information management

Information management

Information management: bringing structure to the unstructured

Information management includes practices, methodologies, processes and tools that bring order to unstructured business data, interlinking it with core processes to make the right information available to the right people at the right time.

Information abounds in today’s business world, and it’s growing at an exponential rate. To complicate things, companies rely on unstructured information – mail, invoices, marketing campaigns, collaborative information, procedures, intellectual capital, and more – as well as digital data. However, it is possible to structure this shapeless but valuable information for greater efficiency, smoother processes, shorter lead times and continually-adapting insights. delaware can help.

we help you identify the core processes in your enterprise and link them with information to enable excellence

Get the most value from your information

Information management is relevant to almost every industry. From operations, knowledge management and compliance to R&D, how information is gathered, organized and made available to people enhances every aspect of doing business. Although information management involves digitization and making the right connections, in the end, it is all about the role of people within processes.

Looking at your complete information management picture instead of focusing on a single process or aspect of automation will enable you to get the most value from your information. 

The results:

  • simpler compliance
  • lower operating costs, throughput time and manual labor
  • unified information processing
  • faster response times
  • informed, enhanced decision-making
  • enriched processes for better, faster, safer work
  • knowledge is retained and accessible

4 major challenges addressed by information management solutions

1. Digitization: transforming analog information into a form compatible with digital tools.

2. Workforce efficiency: optimizing processes by enriching them with information relevant to every step.

3. Compliance: streamlining records management, information integrity and auditability.

4. Organizational intellect: keeping know-how within an organization and easily accessible to facilitate continuous learning.

Deep experience, a holistic perspective and a human touch

Our vision of the future of information management? One in which information serves itself with minimal intervention needed, to enable excellence across all business domains. delaware can assist your company in transforming your business model and embedding new technologies and tools into your DNA. We offer a customized, comprehensive approach closely aligned with your needs.

The 4 levels of our service package

  • Information strategy, vision and roadmap: we work closely with you to identify pain points and low-hanging fruit by helping you develop a high-level information management plan.
  • Balanced analysis: we help you define the specific requirements of your strategy and assist you in selecting technologies and tools that will best enable you to reach your goals.
  • Information architecture: we embed your information management strategy throughout your entire company in an applied, functional way.
  • Technology implementation: using an agile approach, we implement your chosen software, connecting key users to the system and enabling them to link their ideas with the solution.

Why delaware is your ideal enterprise information management partner

  • Our approach is modular, tiered and tailored exactly to your needs

  • We workclosely with your team to ensure the most impactful results
  • Our technology-agnostic mindset gives you a wide-angle view of your options
  • We collaborate closely with your team
  • Our expertise in corporate processes and enterprise information management covers a wide range of industries

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